XP-PEN Deco Fun XS OSU Tablet Graphic Drawing Tablets

Deco XP-PEN The fun art tablet has a pressure sensitivity of 8,192 levels and a tilt feature of 60 degrees. It performs excellently whether you’re sketching, color painting, designing, or doing other creative activities. You can even draw on Android-based smartphones and tablets. Now it’s time to be creative.

Rs.  7,500 Rs.  8,000

Education via the internet

XP-Pen Deco Fun XS OSU Graphic Drawing Tablet in Action Students and teachers may exchange their thoughts and ideas in real-time with this fun pen tablet for remote learning. You’ll be able to create and share lessons, animated stories, and presentations with ease thanks to the endless brush, color, and pattern options. This allows you to communicate and participate in a fun way while learning remotely.

Pressure of sensitivity

It has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing it to manipulate, navigate, and create using a full palette of brushes and pens.

Working from Home

XP-PEN can be used in a remote meeting. The Deco Fun graphics tablet allows you to more effectively explain critical messages. Graphs, lines, and comments can be used to write or draw on the shared content. It’s a great approach to get your thoughts through to your teammates, superiors, and clients. You can also use Deco Fun to rapidly digitally sign contracts and documents. More opportunities, more swiftly.

Tablets from OSU

XP-Pen Deco Fun XS OSU Graphic Drawing Tablet allows you to play with speed, accuracy, and fluency. Deco Fun assists you in improving your rhythm, performance, and rating. Why not expand your game-playing options

Wide range of compatibility

XP-PEN Android 6.0 and later, Chrome OS 88 and later, Linux, Windows 7 and later, and Mac OS 10.10 and later are all compatible with the Deco Fun drawing tablet. Deco Fun is certain to suit your daily requirements.

Work with the most recent version of Mac OS

Our driver works with Mac OS X 10.10 and higher! Please note that after installing the XP-PEN Driver, Mac Mojave 10.14 or above OS users must first add “PenTabletSetting” and “PenTabletDriverUX” to the accessibility list. Please read the XP-PEN website’s FAQ section for further information on the steps. In the security area of the Mac Mojave (10.14) or higher OS upgrade, you must first add newly downloaded programs to the accessibility list before using them regularly.

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