Vankyo 10inch MatrixPad Tablet | S30

Rs.25,000 Rs.30,000

Vankyo 10inch MatrixPad Tablet | S20

Rs.25,000 Rs.30,000

Vankyo 10inch MatrixPad Tablet | S10

Rs.19,999 Rs.25,000

Vankyo 7inch 2021 upgraded Tablet | Z1

Rs.10,999 Rs.15,000

Vankyo 8inch MatrixPad Tablet | S8

Rs.14,999 Rs.18,000

Cystereo Wireless Earbuds | Fusion Bluet

Rs.7,999 Rs.12,000
Out Of Stock

Amazon Fire HD Tablet plus (2021) | 10 I

Rs.32,000 Rs.35,000

Amazon Fire HD-10 Tablet (2021) | 10 Inc

Rs.27,500 Rs.30,000

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Tablet | 32GB R

Rs.29,000 Rs.33,000

Amazon Kindle Tablet

Rs.17,000 Rs.19,000

Amazon Fire 10 HD Tablet (2019) | 10 Inc

Rs.26,000 Rs.28,000

Alcatel Aquaman 10 4G 3T10 2020


Shop Tablet Online In Nepal

Tablets are popular these days, and they provide an excellent media consumption experience. Tablets have also grown in popularity as a portable solution in offices and other commercial settings. Aside from that, the pandemic has forced us to become more reliant on the internet, as the majority of our day-to-day activities rely on it. So, in this scenario, a tablet could be the ideal device for seamlessly connecting to the current situation and the internet. The popularity of tablets is growing by the day. It is lighter to carry while allowing you to perform your task comfortably. If you are considering purchasing a tablet, there are several factors to consider, including price, features, and consistency. However, there might be confusion on where should you explore all these aspects. If this is your pain point, you don't have to worry now, the Neo Store in Nepal has a variety of tablets that can match your requirement.

Tablet Buying Guide In Nepal

Although you will find a variety of tablets in the Nepali market, the challenge you are going to face is choosing the right one. A good tablet can be a versatile part of your tech arsenal, allowing you to perform many of the same tasks that a laptop would, such as browsing the web, catching up on email, and streaming video, but in a more comfortable form factor. The cost of a tablet can vary greatly in Nepali Market. As a result, determining the "right" amount to spend can be difficult. If you pay too much, you may end up with a tablet that has more features than you need and that you will rarely use. On the other hand, if you pay too little, you may end up with a tablet that requires too many compromises, such as a mediocre display, meager built-in storage, and poor built-in cameras. So to sort out your problem, we have prepared a guide to figure out which tablet matches your expectations either with price or specification.

Question To Ask Yourself

Before making your decision, consider asking these questions before deciding on which Tablet you should choose from the Nepali market, especially from Neo Store.

  • Is portability important to you?

The majority of tablets with 8-inch or smaller displays weigh less than a pound. Many are extremely thin. Some tablets in this size class have battery lives of 15 hours or more.

  • How much are you willing to spend? 

When it comes to the Nepali market, you will be able to explore tablets ranging in price from Rs.1,999 to Rs 145,000. However, Neo Store sells the tablets, having a price somewhere between Rs. 16,490 and Rs. 53,000. More importantly, the store can be a perfect place to explore Android Tablets.

  • Is versatility your option? 

A larger tablet with at least 12 hours of battery life is recommended if you wish to read comfortably, watch movies, type documents on a separate keyboard, and use regular office software.

Tablet Price In Nepal

Tablet prices vary widely, as previously stated. When it comes to the Nepali market, you can look at tablets that cost anything from Rs. 1,999 to Rs. 145,000. However, the price is largely determined by factors such as features, technology, screen size, storage, Chipset, and RAM. Check out the pricing details of Best Selling Android Tablet in Nepal: 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite- Rs. 52,999
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0- Rs. 19,099
  3. Alcatel Aquaman 10 4G 3T10 2020- Rs. 23,490
  4. Alcatel KIDS Tablet TKEE Mid 4G- Rs. 17,990
  5. Alcatel 3T8 4G 2020 Tablet- Rs. 16,490