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Logitech F310 Gamepad

Works With Android TV

Sony Android TV operates nicely with our game controllers. Our console-like layout will offer you an advantage as you battle with the controller swap in XID mode. Long, relaxing play sessions are made possible by smooth curves and contoured rubber grips. You may navigate your Android TV using standard Android TV controls, which are supplied by the Logitech Logo button on the gamepad and the Back key on the controller.

Rs.  4,360 Rs.  4,590

Logitech F310 Gamepad

Extensive Game Support

Play popular songs as well as oldies. Play console ports with a native-style controller or enjoy PC games in a more relaxed position. The F310 is simple to set up and use with your favorite games owing to XInput/DirectInput—the two most used input protocols. DirectInput mode requires software installation.

Stream Big Pictures

Play on your television. From the comfort of your couch, access Steam, surf the web, play games, and more with the F310 and Big Picture. Bring your whole Steam library to the living room, grab your F310, and kick back and relax.

Familiar Console-Like Layout

Pick it up and start playing. Over the familiar layout, your intuition will direct your activities. In no time, you'll be off and gaming. F310 fits like a glove, with a console-like control experience and traditional design innovation.

Exclusive 4-Switch D-Pad

Standard D-pads have only one pivot point, which results in mushy control. For a more responsive, tactile feel, the D-pad glides across four distinct switches.

Works With Chromebook Certified

Meet the Logitech G gear that has been certified to work with Chromebooks. The Works With Chromebook logo indicates that this Logitech G gear complies with Chromebook compatibility criteria.

Easy To Set-Up & Use

Adapt and personalize. Using Logitech profiler software, change the usual commands or customize F310 for use with an unsupported game. Buttons and controls can be fully customized, and they can even emulate keyboard and mouse commands.

Comfortable Grip

Smooth curves and molded rubber grips provide lengthy, enjoyable play sessions.

Cable_length 1.8 Meter
System Required Windows 11,10,8,7, or Windows Vista, Chrome OS
Show_countdown Yes
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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