Samsung 85 inch Crystal 4k UHD Smart TV

Rs.402,050 Rs.464,990

Samsung 75 inch Crystal 4k UHD Smart TV

Rs.279,400 Rs.324,990

Samsung 55 Inch Crystal 4K UHD Smart TV

Rs.106,480 Rs.139,990

Samsung 43 Inch Crystal 4k UHD Smart TV

Rs.59,950 Rs.77,990

Samsung 43 Inch Crystal UHD 4k Smart TV

Rs.79,750 Rs.101,990

Samsung 43 Inch Smart FHD TV UA43T5500AR

Rs.71,500 Rs.89,990

Samsung 43 Inch Smart FHD TV UA43T5410AK

Rs.51,150 Rs.65,490

Samsung 43 Inch Smart LED TV-UA43T5400AR

Rs.56,650 Rs.74,990

Samsung 32 Inch Smart LED TV UA32T4500AR

Rs.37,400 Rs.62,990

Samsung 32 Inch Smart LED TV UA32T4400AR

Rs.32,890 Rs.55,990

Videocon 32-inch LED TV | VD32N

Rs.18,500 Rs.28,900

Haier 32 Inch Bezel Less Google Android

Out of stock

Skyworth | 75-inch UHD Android TV | 75SU

Rs.254,650 Rs.270,900
Out of stock

Skyworth | 65-inch UHD Android TV | 65SU

Rs.169,110 Rs.179,900
Out of stock

Skyworth 55-inch Smart LED TV | 55G2

Rs.117,500 Rs.125,000
Out of stock

Skyworth | 50-inch UHD Android TV | 50SU

Rs.97,105 Rs.103,300

Skyworth 43 inch Smart Led TV | 43UB7500

Rs.60,210 Rs.64,050

Skyworth 43-inch Smart Led TV | 43Tb7000

Rs.64,390 Rs.68,500
Out of stock

Skyworth 43 inch Smart Led TV | 43Tb4000

Rs.59,130 Rs.62,900
Out of stock

Skyworth 32 inch Smart Led TV | 32Tb4000

Rs.33,190 Rs.35,300

Skyworth | 43-inch LED TV HD | 43E3A12G

Rs.46,625 Rs.49,600
Out of stock

Skyworth | 32-inch LED TV HD | 32TB1001

Rs.23,405 Rs.24,900
Out of stock

Skyworth Normal LED TV | 24TB1001

Rs.16,685 Rs.17,750

Videocon 75-inch 4K Smart TV | UHDTV75DN

Rs.170,000 Rs.204,000
Out of stock

Videocon 65-inch 4K Smart TV | UHDTV65DN

Rs.108,000 Rs.129,600

Videocon 55-inch 4K LED Smart TV | D55DE

Rs.74,000 Rs.88,800

Videocon 43inch 4K LED Smart TV | BOX 43

Rs.54,500 Rs.65,400

Videocon 43-inch Bezel Less LED TV | D43

Rs.50,000 Rs.60,000

Videocon 32-inch LED TV | 32DN5 CBU-NT

Rs.23,500 Rs.28,200

Haier 65 Inch Android-TV; 4K Bezel-Less


Haier 4K Bezel Less 58 inch Android/Smar


Haier 42 Inch Google Android TV - Smart


Television is an audiovisual electronic machine through which radio signals are transmitted into the air received by television in a unique and efficient manner. Likewise, it has become an important source of entertainment, knowledge, and information used for different purposes. Also, It started appearing in the early 80s and has become an integral part of each house in today's world. In Nepal, there is also a high demand for television.


1. Both formal, as well as informal education, can be gained 2. Also Social, religious, political as well as economic updates throughout the world can be reached to all user 3.In addition spiritual and motivational channels are also there that help people develop skills and make themselves a better person in life you can get the best TV with the unique features available in our store.

Latest Smart TV Price in Nepal 2021

Smart TV prices in Nepal starting from Rs.17,000 to Rs.634,585. Smart TVs are available in different colors and sizes. In Neo Store, you can explore the products of the brands like Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, and Haier Smart TV, Videocon. In particular, the Neo Store is the prominent name that sells each and every Smart TV in Nepal with care and has a quality of services. Finally, it also offers competitive pricing in Nepal for Smart TVs.

Why Should I Purchase television on the Internet?

First, Warranty availability. Second, it Enhance your viewing experience to a great extent. Third, we can Find the budget and specifications that perfectly suit your requirements.

Why buy From NEO Store?

  • It’s much more convenient
  • It’s easier to avoid distraction
  • Check the reviews before buying
  • Lower prices
  • Convenience
  • Price comparison in a moment
  • More product options
  • Discounts on products in the meantime
  • Search for a certain brand
  • Fast shipping.
  • Hence, there is an EMI service also available on certain products

Television buying guide you should consider

1. Display type

  • Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Display
  • LED TVs
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • Plasma Panels.
  • Direct TV

2. Display Resolution

4K Ultra HD: The term 4K means the screen is about 4,000 pixels wide. Specifically, all 4K TVs have a resolution of at least 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. 1080p (Full HD): This resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. This is a common resolution for TVs of all sizes also, provides more than enough quality for most people. Especially, it is less expensive than 4K. 720p (HD Ready): This is mostly found on smaller TVs, and it has also has a resolution of 1,280 x 720. Standard Definition (SD): Although SD TVs are no longer sold, the format is still used for many TV channels, as well as DVDs. DVDs use a resolution of 720 x 480

3. HDR

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is a TV standard that allows screens to give you improved contrast, more accurate color as well as more bright pictures than regular sets.

4. Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is a property of a display system, defined as the ratio of the luminance of the brightest shade to that of the darkest shade that the system is capable of producing. Hence, high contrast ratio is a desired aspect of any display.

5. Refresh Rate

There are currently only two actual refresh rates for TVs in the US – 60 Hz and 120 Hz. In conclusion, These are the rate at which the TV can actually refresh the screen.

Buy Television in Nepal

Presently, Television has been the basic needs of people in day-to-day life activities and you can buy the different products available in our store in a reliable and efficient way. Additionally, You can watch news, movies, songs, etc. with family. Also, Television can be a great means of entertainment and information at the same time. They even enhance the decoration of the house. In addition, we have TVs from brands like LG, Sony TV, Samsung, Della, Hitech, Panasonic, Philips, and many more TVs. Finally, We also have a wide range of televisions with different screen resolutions, screen sizes so, that you can select them as per the need of your own.

Smart Television in Nepal

Smart televisions nowadays come equipped with the latest features including touchscreens, ultra-slim designs, and also high-definition images. Also, The latest smart TVs allow seamless internet connectivity with the ability to make Skype calls, as well as browse the internet for the most up-to-the-minute news feeds and live updates

Best branded television available in Nepal market

We always want a branded product that is available in our day-to-day life activities. Also, we have a list of products that contain unique and advanced features at feasible prices that meet your capital in a specific way. The products available are:

Medium Range television available in Nepal

Different television is available with us and even we recommend you to always buy the quality product. Also, The mid-range television is available with us and you can get the best features among these products with satisfies your need and some of the products available are.

Product price
Videocon 55-inch 4K LED Smart TV | D55DE-L NPR 74,000
Videocon 43-inch Bezel-Less LED TV | D43DE-L NPR 50,000
Baltra BL55UST-K 55inch LED TV NPR 69,410

Prices of television in Nepal

The different range of television is available and on the necessity of your own choice. Moreover, you can choose the products we have listed below which have unique features.

Product Price
Videocon 3250DN5 Smart 32inch LED TV NPR 30,500
Videocon 24DN5 CPU -NT 24 inch LED TV NPR 17,200
Videocon 75-inch 4K Smart TV | UHDTV75DN5  NPR 170,000
Haier 4K Bezel-Less 58 inch Android/Smart TV (LE-58K6600HQGA)  NPR 117000
Samsung Real 4K UHD Resolution UA49RU7100  NPR  128690
Samsung Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV UA75NU8000KXHE  NPR 699990

Online Television shopping in Nepal

Buying television online makes our work feasible and easier and you can also build a habit of advanced buying in this new era. Also, Buying online helps us in a different way. Additionally, You can buy it at a cheaper price than the High Street. And we have a Wide Range of Brands & TV Sizes. you can also compare prices. Finally, Shopping from home makes you more comfortable. Also, you can get the EMI features in some of our products.

Television price of medium ranges

Additionally, If you’re looking for television in Nepal that costs around 50000 rupees, the table below can help you in making your decision and you can view it here:

Product Price
Baltra BL40FAT-k 40inch LED TV NPR 32920
Samsung HD resolution LED TV UA-24H4003  NPR 24490
Samsung FHD Slim Smart LED TV UA32N4300  Rs 47690

This is the certain list of the product available in our store and we have lots of other appliances available in our store. Finally, You can visit our website to know about the product and view the different products available which are most popular and branded.