RAM In Nepal

Even if your computer has the most up-to-date and powerful processing unit, you may discover that it gradually slows down over time. If you use your computer for demanding tasks like designing or running memory-intensive programs, you should consider investing in the greatest RAM available to give your PC a healthy speed increase. When looking for the greatest RAM in Nepal, you'll discover that the market is flooded with Random Access Memory chips of all capacities, speeds, and even memory sizes. Those who are unfamiliar with the different factors that go into selecting the proper sort of RAM may find it difficult to make a decision.

Why Should You Upgrade Your RAM?

RAM is a term that refers to your computer's short-term memory. This is where your computer maintains track of the programs and data you're now working with. It doesn't matter if you use your computer or laptop for work or for gaming; updating your Random Access Memory impacts the performance of your PC or Laptop. You may have observed that your system's performance is slower at certain times of the day. You can easily check this by opening Task Manager and seeing if your available RAM is being overused. If you are someone who always has many apps open at the same time, upgrading your Random Acess Memory is a must-consider option. A computer with more RAM has improved responsiveness, loads programs faster, performs data-intensive applications more smoothly, and improves overall multitasking capabilities. The majority of people are aware that increasing computer RAM speeds up the machine. Let's look at how boosting your memory can benefit your machine in more detail.

Make Your Computer Run More Quickly

Any computer's RAM is the component that enables quick data access. Short-term data access is essential for every computing system's day-to-day operations, whether it's for loading apps, browsing the Internet, or editing a spreadsheet. The faster your memory is, the faster your applications will load.

Ease of Multitasking

The majority of employment nowadays entails the use of a computer, and we all juggle multiple activities at once. We may be listening to music, looking at images, or browsing the Internet while revising a document. Managing numerous tasks at the same time inevitably results in a performance issue. Every application on your computer consumes memory and competes for the limited RAM available on your PC. Installing RAM chips with a large memory capacity can help you solve this problem.

A More Effective Computing System

You don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a new computer. One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve performance is to upgrade your PC's RAM. Get more out of your computer, whether you're using it for business or leisure, by providing it the resources it needs to run smoothly.

Installation is simple

Installing or upgrading RAM for your computer does not require you to be a computer whiz. All you need is a screwdriver and a guide to add RAM in a matter of minutes. You may just view an instruction video on the Internet that will take you to step by step through the process.

Some Important RAM Terminology

While exploring the internet, you may have come across the terms DDR3 or DD4 RAM. DDR stands for Double Data Rate and refers to the fact that two transfers take place in one clock cycle. Because newer versions are updated, RAM modules are labeled as DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and so on. When buying RAM, make sure you get the proper RAM module for your motherboard.


This is the earliest type of RAM that you will come across nowadays. These are less expensive, and small quantities are still available in the Nepali market to upgrade older machines.


This type of RAM used to be the industry standard, but DDR4 has since taken its place.


This is the type of RAM that is most commonly seen in computer systems. It aids in further lowering the needed voltage. If you're buying a new motherboard, make sure it supports DDR4.

Buy RAM Online In Nepal

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RAM Price In Nepal

The price of RAM can be diverse in Nepal. In particular, you may get a variety of RAM in the Nepali market with respect to its size, brand, and type. To generalize, the price of RAM in Nepal falls in between the range of  Rs. 2,000- Rs. 30,000. However, Neo Store currently offers the RAM of Hikvision Brand, having a price range of  Rs. 3,090-  Rs. 10,170, depending upon the capacity.