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Neoteric Nepal is the number-one distributor for information techology, communications and entertainment products in Nepal. We have the top market share for all products we distribute, and a huge base of satisfied and loyal customers gained through adding real value both pre-sale and afterwards. Neoteric is the largest IT distributor in Nepal and the first to offer a warranty and service network.

We sell prestigious brand name products from around the world -- products that are reliable and high-value. We offer more than 30 world-class brands of IT, communications, and entertainment products at low prices. Neoteric operates the most modern and high-tech service centre in Nepal. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality management and boast a highly-trained, vendor-certified staff and nationwide logistics for collection and replacement of products needing service. We offer hotline service, technical training and on-site services as well as Annual Maintenance Contracts for businessess.

Our knowledge of Nepal and the breadth of our reach across the country is unmatched, and we operate on sound financial principles. Our rapid growth and high profitability make us the ideal business partner, and we are committed for the long term to the country, our dealers and our customers.

Golchha Organization company
golchha organization

Neoteric Nepal is a Golchha Organization company. The Golchha Organization is a US$ 225 Million company employing 15,000 people. During its 100 year history it initiatied industrialisation in the country and was a key promoter of foreign trade relations. It is active in Agro-business, steel and engineering, consumer products manufacturing, trade, insurance and banking, information technology and more, including three philanthropic charities.