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XP-PEN Star G960S Graphics Tablet

Digital Handwriting & Signature

The XP-Pen Star G960S is compatible with Microsoft Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and others. It allows you to write with ink while also graphically presenting your handwritten notes and signature in Microsoft Office, making it suitable for your paperless office or online teaching needs.

Rs.  12,500 Rs.  14,000

Large Enough For Use

Large enough to let your imagination go wild. With a 9 by 6-inch working surface, the XP-PEN Star G960S Graphics Tablet gives you more room. And also the freedom to express your creative ideas.

Intuitive expression and efficiency

The PH2 stylus (for the Star G960S Plus) is comparable to a high-end tablet stylus and includes an eraser at the end. It was designed to look like a regular pencil and adapt to the user's preferences. There is never any need to set or switch between buttons, and you can quickly change or delete undesirable markings for a more efficient and intuitive creative experience.

Open Your Idea

The XP-PEN Star G960S Graphics Tablet can connect to Android tablets and phones, allowing you to roam wherever your ideas take you while remaining productive. It is compatible with ibis Paint X, FlipaClip, Medibang, Autodesk Sketchbook, Zenbrush, Artrage, and other programs.

Shortcuts To Your Imagination

Four configurable shortcut keys allow you to personalize your shortcuts and produce with optimum ease and efficiency.

Long-Lasting Power

The Battery-Free Stylus Pen does not require batteries or charging and can be used for extended periods of time. The stylus exhibits lines of varied widths smoothly and allows for the more fine expression of lines and strokes with ease. This is possible because of its 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Enjoy Drawing Experience

The stylus has a tilt feature of up to 60 degrees, allowing for a natural and smooth tilt brush effect, which gives you a familiar writing and drawing experience.

Free Rotation, Free Creation

The spin of the XP-PEN Star G960S Graphics Tablet is 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees. Now it's up to you to become who you want to be!

Well-rounded versatility

XP-PEN Star G960S Graphics Tablet is compatible with Windows 7 (or later), Linux (Detailed versions), Mac OS X® 10.10 and higher, Android 6.0 and above, and Chrome OS 88 or later. Also compatible with Photoshop®, SAI®, Painter®, Illustrator®, Clip Studio®, GIMP®, Medibang®, Krita®, Fire Alpaca®, Blender® 3D, and other popular programs.

Product Star G960s
Category Tablet
Brand XP-Pen
Size 9 x 6 inch
Connection USB
Dimension 319.5x209.5x10mm
Color Black
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 0.5Kg
Model no StarG960 S
Technology USB connection
Resolution N/a
Battery N/a

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