Wacom CTL-4100/K0-CX New Intuos small pen tablet

Give wings to your creative side by bringing home the Wacom Intuos small graphics tablet. For amateurs and professionals, this graphics tablet offers an intuitive way to unleash your creativity. This graphics tablet features a battery-free pen which uses the Electro-magnetic Resonance (EMR) technology to offer a natural drawing experience. The four ExpressKeys are customizable and let you quickly access your favorite shortcuts.

Rs.  12,500

Intuitive Pen

This Wacom CTL-4100/K0-CX New Intuos small pen tablet comes with a battery-free pen that makes use of the Electromagnetic Resonance (EMR) technology so you will be able to enjoy a natural drawing experience. Also, this pen comes with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity so you can create graphic images in varying stroke levels. The lighter the pressure, the lighter the stroke.

Large Drawing Area

This graphics tablet offers a 15.24-cm (6) active drawing area so you can sketch comfortably. Also, the active area is more than 75% of the tablet’s width, which gives you more space to explore your creative side. This device features a tablet density of up to 100 lines per mm so you can sketch an illustration or a manga character with better precision and accuracy.


You can customize the tablet’s four ExpressKeys according to your preference, so you will have all the important shortcuts right at your fingertips

Quick and Easy Setup

This Wacom CTL-4100/K0-CX tablet features a hassle-free setup and is perfect for use by, both, left- and right-handed users. Also, since the pen of this graphics tablet needn’t be charged, you can start sketching without much delay.

Hassle-free Usage

With this graphics tablet at your disposal, you can draw and sketch a variety of digital content with ease. You can safely place the pen in the built-in pen tray once you're done with your sketching.

Product CTL-4100ko-Cx intuos small Pen Tablet
Category Tablet
Brand Wacom
Size Small
Connection Bluetooth
Dimension 200*160*8.8mm
Color Black
Warranty 1 year
Weight 230g
Model no CTL-4100
Technology Patented electromagnetic resonance method
Resolution 2540lpi
Battery non-replaceable li-ion battery
Vendor -

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