Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Galaxy Buds Pro

These are real wireless earbuds with professional-grade technology for truly immersive sound. Intelligent ANC, on the other hand, allows you to easily switch between noise cancellation and completely customizable ambient sound. So either allow the outside in or keep it out. It's your universe, after all. The Galaxy Buds Pro allows you to get the most out of your music.

Rs.  25,299

Tunes out noises, tunes invoices

Noise-canceling you can control

On the Galaxy Buds Pro, Active Noise Canceling filters out up to 99 percent of background noise. Noise is monitored in real-time by microphones on the interior and outside. Choose the ANC level to turn up or down the world with a sophisticated algorithm that cancels out the noise.

Get lost in the studio sound

Thanks to custom-built 2-way speakers with AKG sound, notes come through nicely from the highest treble to the deepest bass. Whether you're listening to a new song or an audiobook for your next road trip, Galaxy Buds Pro provides the most immersive sound experience on Galaxy Buds.

Lifelike audio that immerses you with incredible realism

Immerse yourself with 360 Audio that puts you right in the center of the action. Galaxy Buds Pro uses Dolby Head Tracking technology to immerse you in your favorite video, movie, or TV show. As you move your head, the clever motion-tracking sensor pinpoints the sound's direction, giving you a tremendous sense of realism in your listening experience. And, with Dolby Atmos® content, you'll be able to hear every detail with more clarity and experience a stronger connection to the tale.

Switch it up without a hitch

The Galaxy Buds Pro's Auto Switch feature recognizes what's most important and switches its connection to that device immediately. When you're viewing a movie on your tablet and get a call, Galaxy Buds Pro automatically switch to your phone's audio. The Galaxy Buds Pro then instantly reconnects to the tablet once you hang up, allowing you to go from device to device without ever touching a screen.

Your smart assistant, always on standby

When you're linked to your phone, you can use your voice to make decisions without having to touch it. You can wake it up with a simple "Hi Bixby," and then offer it commands to make a phone call, alter the music, and more. You can also enable or deactivate ANC and Ambient Mode. As well as switch between Samsung devices simply stating their names.

Win hide and seek with your earbuds

It's easy to find your misplaced earphones. Simply launch the SmartThings app. Your buds will produce a beep, making it easy for you to locate them in your room. You may also utilize Offline Finding to identify the last area they visited. Even if they aren't connected to your phone.

Share the sound with your bud

Keep your headphones in and invite a buddy to listen in as well. Buds Together allow you to connect two pairs of Galaxy Buds Pro to your phone at the same time. This allows you to listen to your BFF playlist in high-quality sound.

Power to keep the beat going

When you turn on ANC, the Galaxy Buds Pro will provide you with 5 hours of playtime, with an additional 13 hours in the case. That's a total of 18 hours. When ANC is turned off, you get a total of 28 hours, including 8 hours of playtime and another 20 hours in the case. Galaxy Buds Pro has the capacity to keep you connected. And listening whether you've got a day full of video conferences, catching up with pals, or just grooving to your favorite music.

Product Galaxy Buds Pro
Category Earbuds
Brand Samsung
Cost -
Color Black
Cable Length N/a
Technology Wireless
Frequency N/a
Range N/a
Weight 33.4 Grams
Charge Time N/a
Play Time 5 Hrs earbud/ 13Hrs with case
Water Resistance Yes
Warranty 1 Year

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