REMAX | Ming Series Power Socket | RU-S2-EU

Simple design

To be a gorgeous surge protector, simple design, decorate your life Every line and corner has been carefully constructed to beautify your desktop, which is designed not just for looks but also for the comfort of use.

Rs.  2,000


RU-S2-EU Remax Surge Protector protects your device from the sudden power fluctuation in the AC current. It lasts for a fraction of a millisecond but is potent enough to destroy and fry circuits of delicate gadgets. This product comes with a 3 plug socket point with versatile socket points for a different plug point.

Quick Response

Remax RU-S2-EU has less than a nanosecond response time for the surge protector. You can ensure that you are protected without dangerous delays on your electrical equipment. The heavy-duty cable of 2 meters also connects the Surge Protector to a wall socket, providing a safe connection. RU-S2-EU also lets you arrange your different equipment according to your needs.

More secure

With Remax RU-S2-EU a current control circuit monitors output current in real-time. The Remax USB stops output if an abnormal current or short circuit develops, ensuring device integrity and avoiding dangers.

More reliable

Remax Surge Protector is Built-in Super Charge Plus clever IC that can recognize various devices. It can deliver the appropriate current to achieve fast charging and lower battery consumption.

4 USB ports

The REMAX RU-S2, with each port delivering up to 2.4A and a total output of 20W. RU-S2-EU can charge many devices at once, faster and better than a standard multi-port charger or USB surge protector.

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