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Remax Lavalier Clip Microphone | RL-LF31

  • Pin: Electroplating 24k 6U
  • Anti-Interference
  • Noise Reduction
  • Stable Signal
  • Strong Penetration
  • 360 Magnetic Omnidirectional Pickup

Rs.  499

Easy To Use For Everyone

Remax Lavalier Clip Microphone easy-to-use lavalier microphone requires no setup and provides excellent sound quality to your recordings. Because of the omnidirectional condenser, this lavalier mic is all you need for clear audio that doesn’t hiss while not in use. If you’re searching for a mic that doesn’t pick up background noise, our Noise Reduction Technology can help. Whether you’re filming in a little area or a big dome, it eliminates echoes.

Full Compatibility

This lavalier mic works with Android, iOS, GoPro, DSLR cameras, as well as any PC or Macbook. Simply connect it to your smartphone and you’re ready to go. It’s great for on-the-go interviews, podcasts, live broadcasts, and more since it has two microphones. The microphone may be clipped to your shirt and hidden from view. This microphone is ideal for recording high sound quality, whether you’re a content provider or a hobbyist.

Great For Content Creators

With the proper tools, you can create incredible stuff! Avoid using amateur-sounding audio if you want to be a YouTuber. To ensure crisp and clear recording, use this lavalier microphone set. This lapel mic comes in useful for studio-quality sound whether you’re a professional vlogger or filmmaker. With the proper technology, you can entice your audience to stay, watch, and come back for more with an engaging experience.

Omnidirectional Lapel Microphone

The improved pickup technology in the Remax Lavalier Clip Microphone allows it to catch your voice in all directions, giving you the original sound quality enjoyment. Interviews, podcasts, live broadcasts, vlogging, and more are all possible.

ProductLavalier RL-LF31
Polar PatternN/a
Maximum SPLN/a

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