This power bank comes with two output ports (USB-A, USB-C) that allow 18 W quick charging (for devices that support QC\PD\AFC\SFCP\PE\BC1.2 protocols) so that you have your gadgets up and running in a jiffy. With the presence of the USB-C port, you can not only charge your gadgets quickly (18 W) but you can also ensure that this power bank is recharged with the 18 W adapter.

Rs.  2,990

Overall: Presenting the all-new realme power bank with 10,000mAh hi-density Lithium-polymer battery and 18W two-way fast charging, which means you can fast-charge your phone and power bank at the same time. Connector: With USB Type-C and Type-A dual output, you can charge 2 devices simultaneously, and with the power delivery function, it can even charge your laptop. Built: With 12 layers of security, the realme power bank offers an unparalleled protection against accidents. Don’t panic and rush to find a plug point if you’re low on charge. This 10,000 mAh powerbank from Realme will have your back with its premium features. It features a Type-C port with simultaneous fast-charging, Power Delivery mode to help you charge your laptop, an intelligent low-power mode which you can use to charge smart wearables, and lots more.

ModelRMA 138
CategoryPower Bank
ColorBlack & Yellow
Battery_Capacity10000mAh (34.3Wh) (Li-Poly) battery
Connector_TypeDual USB-A / USB-C parallel output
Weight216 g
Warranty6 months

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