Philips Hair-clipper HC3505/15

The Hariclipper Series 3000, HC3505/15 is built to last, and engineered to perform. The innovative cutting element, stainless steel blades and adjustable hair comb are designed to give you a fast, sharp cut, time after time.

Rs.  3,785 Rs.  4,207

Easy, even haircut

Get a simple haircut in a short amount of time. This Philips hair-clipper is powered by DualCut technology. Additionally, the technology uses self-sharpening blades, allowing you to clip twice as quickly. Likewise, Trim-n-Flow technology includes a comb that prevents clogging, allowing you to complete your style in one sitting.

Trim-n-Flow technology for continuous cutting

The purpose of our new, unique comb is to keep hair from becoming stuck in the clipper. As a result, you'll be able to cut your hair from beginning to end without interruption.

Double-sharpened blades for 2 times faster clipping

With our advanced DualCut technology, which features a breakthrough two-sided cutting element that cuts hair twice as quickly as one-sided blades, you can power through any type of hair.

Self-sharpening stainless steel blades

The blades of this Philips Hair-clipper are made of self-sharpening stainless steel last an incredibly long time. Furthermore, they still cut the same way they did on day one, even after 5 years.

Easily select and lock-in 13 length settings: 0,5 to 23mm

Simply choose the length you want and lock it in. Likewise, there are 12 lock-in length settings on the adjustable comb, ranging from 1mm to 23mm, with 2mm between each length. Also, to get a close 0.5mm trim, remove the comb completely.

Efficient power system for corded use

The 1.8m power cord of Philips Hair-clipper ensures that electricity is available at all times.

Ergonomic handle for more comfort and control

The Philips Hair Clipper Series 3000 is designed to be easy to use, comfortable to use, and convenient to manage. The clipper's unique feel and grip make it easy to maneuver and cut all around your head.

Quick-release blades for easy cleaning

To swiftly release and clean the blades, simply click to release the detachable head.

Zero maintenance, no oil needed

There is no need for oil, making maintenance simple and saving you time.

Category Trimmer
Product Hair clipper
Wattage 100-240 Voltage
Charging Time N/a
Additional Features Removable cutter, Washable blades
  Cleaning brush, Adjustable hair comb
Warranty Yes
Selling Price -

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