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PeopleLink icam FHD-LT 20X Teacher Tracking

iCam FHD LT x20

The PeopleLink icam FHD-Lecture Tracking is a dedicated intelligent tracking camera that features cutting-edge technologies in the field of educational technology. The lecturer tracking and student detection methods in icam FHD-Lecture Tracking are convenient and reliable. It has a refined image processing and analysis techniques to easily transition between lecturer tracking picture video, student posing image/panoramic image, in keeping with lecturer capture and analysis needs and? interactive teaching over the internet.

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High Resolution

The PeopleLink icam uses a 1/2.8 CMOS sensor with a resolution of 2.14 MP. Also, you can create a high-quality image with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Supports RTMP

Both the teacher and student cameras have USB3.0, HD-SDI, IP, and DVI outputs. The PeopleLink icam FHD-Lecturer Tracking Camera supports the RTMP protocol for simple webcasting.

Frame rate

The output frame rate in 1080P can be up to 60fps.

Tracking and panoramic

The tracking and panoramic photos have the same color and brightness. The tracking camera lens features an auto zoom function that adjusts to the target's distance. It automatically recognizes single or multiple people's standing and sitting movements and provides tracking location photos of single or multiple persons. It also allows for the detection of actions such as entering and leaving after standing.

Smooth and fast

Whether you want to lean in for a close-up or step back for a long shot, the HD Webcam lens adapts to your every move swiftly and seamlessly, ensuring that your image remains focused.


It includes a 20X optical zoom and a 12X digital zoom, with a field of view of up to 86 degrees horizontally and 52 degrees vertically.

Support for H.264/H265/MJPEG

It supports four streams, including tracking dual-stream and panoramic dual-stream with H.264/H265/MJPEG video compression over the network.

Tracking range

The tracking range of PeopleLink icam can now expand to all rooms, instead of being limited to the podium. It automatically scales to the target's distance, always maintaining the proper size.

Brand Peoplelink
Model icam FHD-LT 20X Teacher Tracking
Power <15W
Lens f4.42mm ~ 88.5mm,F1.8 ~ F2.8
Image Sensor 1/2.8" Exmor CMOS, 2.14MP
Video 1080P 60fps, 1080P 50fps,1080P 30fps,1080P 25fps,1080I60,1080I50, 720 P 60fps,720P 50fps
Connection Type USB, HDMI
Microphone Build-in
Os Support Windows XP/7/8/10,Linux,Mac OS, Android OS
Warranty 1 year

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