PeopleLink DSP CM

PeopleLink DSP CM

PeopleLink's DSP-CM is integrated with high signal-to-noise ratio, adaptive echo cancellation, adaptive noise suppression and function of intelligent sound mixing. Celing microphone is designed to cover meeting spaces, such as training rooms, classrooms, demo rooms, with discreet and easy ceiling mounting. PeopleLink's voice collaboration DSP can convert your Classrooms, Training Rooms, Boardrooms with the ease of technology for conferencing.

Rs.  227,500

Audio and Video

The audio and video software of Peoplelink DSP CM is compatible with common audio and video software. Additionally, Peoplelink audio and video software work with many devices including Microsoft's, Windows, and Android.

Charge amplifier

Octopus is a 3rd generation audio algorithm that allows you to hear the sound of your own voice by listening to it with the help of Peoplelink Digital Signal Processing CM.


The Device contains single input and output adjustable microphone hanging around the microphone. Likewise, the digital audio processor with DSP bus processor design, b-type USB connection, 6 road phoenix interface 3.81mm, wireless microphone, blender, Acoustics, echo cancellation, recording, and listening are all supported.

Compact and stylish design

Peoplelink DSP CM speakers are a compact, modern design that fits in easily to almost any desktop setup. Finally, you can enjoy premium sound without taking up too much space on your desk.

Audio quality

Peoplelink DSP CM/ speaker system fits almost any desktop setup. So, you can enjoy high-quality audio whether you're listening to music or watching a movie at your desk. Moreover, this device is designed from the start to give you the best possible surround sound experience. DSP CM also has built-in ports for use on laptops and tablets.


Windows 8 /Windows 7 /Windows 10 /Windows XP, others.

TypeConference Audio
I/Ob-type USB interface
Frequency20hz-20khz @+4dBu
Power Consumption12V,2A
Built-in MicrophoneN/a
Audio Input100-240v, 0.5A, 50/60Hz
Audio OutputN/a
Microphone Range10m Max
Warranty1 Year

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