Moza Nano-SE Gimbal

Extendable Gimbal

The NANO SE is an intelligent selfie extendable gimbal, allowing you to create super smooth videos like the pros. Shoot videos while panning or walking without the shake. You can also use it to shoot videos while walking or panning with your hands in the air.

Rs.  5,200 Rs.  6,500

Trendy Colors

The Moza NANO-SE Gimbal is functional and fashionable. Additionally, this is offered in the most popular colors to match your personal style.

Compact, Lightweight, Strong

The NANO SE weighs just 250g and can be held in just one hand when folded. Its super-compact form factor can support large-screen mobile phones weighing up to 280g.

Create Masterpiece

With just one click, you can create a masterpiece. MOZA Genie comes with a number of combative shooting templates to help you create your next movie quickly and easily. Allow Magic Mode to be your inspiration as you build your own masterpiece with a single click.

Slow Motion

Slow Motion Poetry- Slow Motion Mode allows you to create poetically flowing films. For a creative, cinematic effect, zoom in on the details and slow time down.

Capture Beauty

Photographer and filmmaker capture the unfolding of stunning sunsets, a blooming flower, and other beautiful life events in Time-Lapse Mode. The series is called "Time-Lapses" and features short artistic films by Foster that capture the changing beauty of the world. With Moza Nano-SE Gimbal you can also capture cinematic scenes.

Bluetooth remote control


A new portable Bluetooth remote control for the ray camera allows you to shoot with your hands-free from the distance. The Moza Nano SE is detachable so you can slide out the handheld remote control by simply sliding it out of your hand.

Wireless Control

Connect the Moza genie app to your phone via Bluetooth to control the nano SE and your phone at the same time.

ProductNano SE
ColorBlack, Green
Operating Time10hrs
Charging Time2.5h
AppMoza Genie
Camera ResolutionN/a

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