Logitech Rally Plus Webcam

  • Rally Camera
  • Rally Speaker
  • Rally Mic Pod
  • Rally Display Hub
  • Rally Table Hub

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See Everyone Perfectly Framed

The Logitech RightSight camera control adjusts and moves the lens automatically to frame meeting attendees comfortably in rooms of various shapes and sizes.

Let The Sun In

Logitech RightLight technology with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) favors faces and human figures above objects and surfaces, even in conference rooms with bright windows®. Even in dim or backlit conditions, the outcome is a balanced image that presents participants in flattering light with decreased glare and softer shadows.

Adaptive Pan, Tilt & Zoom

The zoom level adjusts the pan and tilt speeds automatically. As a result, when zoomed out for quick framing, the camera moves faster, and when zoomed in for more control, the camera moves slower.

Front Of Audio Room

Rally speakers are designed to be placed at the front of the room, unlike tabletop speakerphones that decouple vocals from video. Because speakers and displays are aligned, a person's voice and video emanate from the same spot — never from behind them — discussions feel more genuine and lifelike.

Optional Mounting Kit

For a streamlined installation of each component, use the Rally Mounting Kit. The camera and two speakers may be mounted on a wall or beneath a table using strong wall mounts, while the display and table hubs can be mounted on a wall or beneath a table using vented mounting plates. Cables are held in place by two neatly constructed retainers.

Loud & Clear

Even in bigger rooms, the Rally display hub can power up to two speakers, producing a powerful sound. Vibrations that travel through walls, stands, and tables are almost eliminated thanks to a revolutionary suspension system. Even at high volume levels and when zoomed in, these increases echo cancellation while maintaining video shake-free.

Up to 7 Mic Pods

Add Rally Mic Pods to rooms with more than 10 attendees to enhance audio coverage and provide easy access to mute settings. Each pod adds six additional people to the coverage, allowing you to use Rally in big meeting rooms and boardrooms with up to 46 people.

Flexible Mic Pod Cabling

With three connections for Rally Mic Pods or additional Mic Pod Hubs, the Rally Mic Pod Hub is a more flexible alternative to daisy-chain connections, making it easy to run cables beneath the table. Participants can adjust individual mic pods to make space on the table or bring mute control within easy reach using a single-cable connection.

TypeAll in one Conference Device
ModelRally Plus
Image resolution@ 30fps: 4K Ultra HD, 1440p, 1080p, 900p, 720p, and SD
Video@ 60fps: 1080p, 720p
Lens262° wide x 192° tall (field of view + pan and tilt)
Built-in MicrophoneSeperate
Audio InputN/a
Audio OutputN/a
DimensionsRally Camera (182.5 mm x 152 mm x 152 mm)
 Rally Speaker (103 mm x 449 mm x 80 mm)
 Rally Mic Pod (21 mm x 102 mm x 102 mm)
 Rally Display Hub (40 mm x 206 mm x 179 mm)
 Rally Table Hub (40 mm x 176 mm x 138 mm)
Microphone Range15ft
Os SupportWindows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10, macOS®: 10.10 or higher, Chrome OS™
Warranty1 Year

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