Haier | Front load Washing machine | 7 Kg | HW80-IM12929CS3

Atomatic Front load washing machine

The Haier fully automatic front load washing machine can reach up to 1200 rpm, faster than contemporary washers. The best feature of this machine is the nzp technology which work efficiently and effectively even with a water pressure of 0.001-0.002 mpa. The gasket and dispenser are specially made with technology which eliminates more than 99.8 percent of bacteria and germs.

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Haier | Front-load Washing machine | 7 Kg | HW80-IM12929CS3

Super Drum

The Super Drum of this Haier 7KG Front-Load Washing-Machine with a 525mm diameter improves washing quality by 25% and reduces depth by 16%. Thus, this results in a one-of-a-kind design that is soft on clothing yet harsh on filth.

Inverter Motor

The advanced high-tech brushless inverter motor reduces vibrations and ensures higher stability. As a result, the motor is more trustworthy than the conventional motor. Likewise, the users experience the ultimate washing with extensive fabric care.

Dual Spray

Dual spray assists in the removal of lather and residue from drums and windows, resulting in a clean and hygienic wash every time.

Anti Bacterial Technology

The anti-bacterial gasket and detergent drawer offer a hygienically clean and safe wash by removing 99.8 percent of allergy microorganisms.

Near Zero Pressure

The innovative Near Zero Pressure technology of Haier 7KG Front-Load Washing-Machine automatically detects load. Also, this provides consistent performance and excellent cleaning even at extremely low water pressures of 0.001 - 0.002 MPA.

Wash Program

For a complete wash program, select from a variety of wash programs using the simple control buttons. You may check your wash settings on the LED display according to your preferences.

1200 RPM

The new Haier Washing Machine (Fully Automatic Front Load-7kg) has all of the top-notch features and abilities, including a maximum spin speed of 1200 RPM, which provides outstanding drying results while maintaining the highest level of care and performance.

Child Lock

This feature of the Haier 7KG Front-Load Washing-Machine keeps the machine out of reach of kids. If you use the kid lock function, your child will not be able to interrupt the wash cycle if he or she presses the buttons.

Dual Spray

Dual spray aids in the removal of lather and residue from drums and windows, resulting in a clean and sanitary wash every time.

Product HW80-IM12929CS-3
Type Front Load Washing machine
Brand Haier
Cost -
Capacity 8 KG
Color Ore Silver
USP Super Drum, AI-DBT, Dual Spray, PuriSteam, ABT
Technology Laser Seamless Welding
Key Features Super Drum
Program Cotton, Synthetics, Mix, Allergen, Baby Care, Daily, Delicate, Refresh, Quick'15, Sportwear, Jeans, Duvet, Self Clean, Shirts, Spin
Functions Delay, Steam, Temp, Speed, Extra Rinse, Start/Pause

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