Haier 8KG Top Load Automatic Washing Machine | HWM80-1269DB

  • Oceanus Wave Drum
  • Magic FIlter
  • Child Lock
  • Anti-Rat Mesh
  • 800 RPM

Rs.  46,800 Rs.  52,000

Haier 8KG Top Load Automatic Washing Machine | HWM80-1269DB

Oceanus Wave Drum

With its Oceanus Wave Drum technology, the Haier 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine features a cube-shaped drum that enhances the water flow for gentle, effective, and fast washing without causing excessive abrasion.

Magic Filter

Owing to its Magic Filter, this washing machine effectively collects lint within the tub for effective filtering, thus giving your clothes a clean and thorough wash.

Balance Clean Pulsator

Thanks to its Balance Clean Pulsator technology, this washing machine provides adequate water action to clean heavy and large clothes without any hassles by deeply penetrating the water and detergent into the fabric. Furthermore, with its gentle water action, this washing machine ensures that delicate clothes can be washed without any damage.

Quick Wash

This washing machine can effectively and rapidly clean new or slightly dirty clothes in just up to 15 minutes with its Quick Wash feature.

Child Lock

Courtesy of its child lock function, this washing machine disables the control panel if your little one has accidentally pressed any button. This way, it prevents children from altering the settings further, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted wash cycle and optimal safety.

Product Haier 8KG Top Load Automatic Washing Machine | HWM80-1269DB
Type Top Load Washing machine
Brand Haier
Capacity 8Kg
Color White
USP Balance Clean Pulsator,Magic Filter, Oceanus wave Drum
Technology Semi Automatic
Key Features


Program 4 Wash Program
Warranty 3 Years Full Warranty and 17 years on motor

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