Haier 10 Liters ES10V-NJ-P Water Heater

  • BPS Technology
  • 8 Bars Rated Working Pressure
  • RSC Technology
  • UMC Inner Tank
  • Voltage Fluctuation Proof

Rs.  16,000

Haier ES10V-NJ-P Water Heater


To ensure a healthy and hygienic shower, Bacteria Proof System (BPS) Technology heats up water at its highest temperature and eliminates bacteria that are harmful for skin and hair.

UMC Tank

Haier's personalized range of Spa Wi-Fi Water Heater is equipped with three-layer Ultra Micro Coating tank for enhanced durability.

8 Bars Rated Pressure

 Assurance to withstand 8 bar rated pressure, the new range of Haier electrical water heaters are tested under intense pressure which are suitable for high rise buildings.

Incoloy 800 SS heating Element

Incoloy 800 SS heating element ensures 97.9% faster heating efficiency that performs best under high degree temperature.


RSC technology ensures consistent flow of hot water through the circular structure of the inlet pipes in water heaters.

Magnesium Rod

Enhanced Magnesium rod positively charges sacrificial anode that extends the tank life by up to 50%

Product Haier ES10V-NJ-P Water Heater
Type Water Heater
Brand Haier
Capacity 10 Liters
Color White
Warranty 1 Year

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