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Fantech Combo X7-Blast | Gaming Mouse & Mouse Pad

  1. On-the-fly Adjustable DPI
  2. (1200-2400-3200-4800)
  3. RGB Chroma Luminous light
  4. Low-friction Feet
  5. Speed type surfaces
  6. build for maximum precision.
  7. Anti-slip Rubber Base
  8. Size: 350mmx250mmx4mm.
  9. Materials FABRIC + RUBBER BASE.
  10. Style: Rubber, non-slip.

Rs.  1,499 Rs.  2,299

4 DPI Adjustable Settings

The DPI settings on this Fantech Wired Gaming Mouse include 1200, 2400, 3200, and 4800. You can simply modify the DPI for mouse speed in several game settings. Push a one-press button on the wired mouse's top to make changes. The sensitivity range, as well as smooth cursor control, are always accessible. At a reasonable price, it's also the best mouse for laptops and computer games.

Different LED lights mode

The illumination on the roller and logo of this Fantech Combo X7-Blast Gaming Mouse changes automatically. To mention a few, there are millions of RGB lighting colors. In addition, whether gaming or working, the Fantech Gaming Mouse is pleasing to the eye.

Ergonomic design

This stunning and stylish wired PC gaming mouse has a comfortable claw grip. It may also be worn for long periods of time without causing any discomfort. This anti-fingerprint and sweat-resistant grip will also appeal to computer gamers who wish to maintain their grip firm while playing. For gamers, this is an outstanding Wired Gaming Mouse.

Plug & play

Fantech Combo X7-Blast  Wired Gaming Mouse is easy to use. It doesn't want any more software or firmware, either. Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / XP, Vista 7 / 8, Linux, and Mac OS are also supported. Compatibility includes notebooks, PCs, laptops, computers, Macbooks, and other devices.

More Reliable

The 10-million-click lifespan of the Fantech X7 Gaming Mouse is impressive. The rebound buttons are beautiful, and the reaction has been excellent. External pulls may be made from high-quality USB and 1.8-meter nylon braided.

Fantech Sven Mousepad

The Fantech Sven Mousepad is one of the best products available in the market. This mouse pad is large enough to fit your mouse and provides enough space for pro-style gaming or business operations while also protecting your desk. It has a specially constructed non-slip rubber base that prevents your mat from moving. The mouse pad's design contains tiny, minute changes that make it much easier for your mouse to determine how far it has moved.

Product X7 Blast Combo
Category Mouse & Mouse Pad
Brand Fantech
Color Black
DPI 1200-2400-3200-4800
Sensor Type Wired
No.of.Buttons 6
Cable Length 1.8m Nylon Braided Cable
Weight 130 gram
Other RGB Chroma Luminous light
Warranty 1 Year
Brand Fantech
Model MP35
Category Mousepad
Colour Black & Red
Size 350 x 250 mm
Thickness 4 mm
Selling Price -

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