DIGICOM Bluetooth Mouse DG-U86

  • Bluetooth Connection
  • 20-meter reliable long-distance bluetooth range
  • Advanced optical tracking
  • 12-months battery life
  • Universal Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS
  • Rate of Return: 250 Hz

Rs. 1,100

: White

Plug and Play Simplicity

DIGICOM Bluetooth Mouse is always available for your service. Simply connect through a Bluetooth connection. Its small size and smooth control make it perfect for busy workstations and confined offices.

Reliable Bluetooth Connection

The Digicom DG-U88 Bluetooth Mouse offers a reliable Bluetooth connection up to 20 meters away. You'll be able to work and play with confidence because there will be almost no delays or dropouts. The Bluetooth range has been tested to 10 meters. Although it may range slightly depending on your computing conditions and environment.

Easy Navigate And Control

Line-by-line scrolling powers the Digicom DG-U86 Bluetooth Mouse, and optical tracking makes navigating simple. The advanced optical sensor, in particular, enables smooth and precise cursor control on nearly any surface. This means fewer irritations and more precise mouse motions.

Reliable 2.4G Wireless

The Digicom DG-U86 Wireless Mouse has a strong, dependable wireless connection that extends up to 20 meters. Because there will be nearly no delays or dropouts, you will be able to work and play with confidence. It may vary slightly based on your computing setup and settings.

Comfort In Style

This stylish and compact Bluetooth mouse's ergonomic form makes it suitable for difficult operation. Because of its classical color choices and light portable style, the Digicom DG-U86 is an ideal mouse to use for your work.

Plug and Play Wireless

The DG-U86 is easy to set up. It is compatible with the majority of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The Bluetooth provides a strong, consistent, and flawless Bluetooth connection within 20 meters.

Up to 12 months battery life

The optical light behind the mouse is invisible because it is one of the mouse's built-in features that is configured to save the mouse's battery life. Digicom's energy-saving technologies allow you to use the Digicom DG-U86 mouse for up to 12 months without changing the batteries.

Product DG-U86
Category Mouse
Brand Digicom
Color Black, White
Sensor Type Optical
No.of.Buttons 3
Cable Length N/a
Weight N/a
Other N/a
Warranty 1 Year


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