Digicom Biometric Time Attendance DG- L315

  • 100000 logs support
  • Support RF Card/Fingerprint/Password
  • Fingerprint Capacity:5000
  • Communication: TCP+WiFi
  • ProximityCard: Standard for ID Card
  • Battery Backup
  • USB Flash Disk Upload/Download Function

Rs.  9,025 Rs.  9,500

Best Design

Digicom Biometric Time Attendance comes with a 2.8-inch TFT display, the smart form design requires less power. TFT displays provide a greater picture quality and a better display effect than traditional displays. The great design makes it simple to set up and use.


The time attendance system supports 5000 users, which will fulfill your requirements for managing a big number of employees. Through the keypad, you can easily set up your data. It also supports fingerprint identification, which is safe and convenient because it reduces the need to wait so long.

Battery Backup

An attendance machine must always be linked to the network. As a result, it must have its own independent power source in order to achieve. Even when there's a power outage, the Digicom Attendance Machine has a built-in battery backup that can keep it running.

Suitable For

As a time monitor, the Digicom Biometric Time Attendance is ideal for use in offices, industries, hotels, and schools.

Accurate Time

The fingerprint machine provides you with an accurate time of check-in and checks out. So, making it simple to keep a record.


Each item is built using long-lasting materials to ensure a long life.


The Price is for the device only. An additional Rs. 5000 will be charged for the software, with an additional Rs. 1000 payable for installation. Also, you can get other products here!!!!!!

ProductDG- L315 Biometric  Attendance
Display TypeLED
Display Size2.8 Inch
Screen ResolutionN/a
Card CapacityN/a
Logs Support100000
Fingerprint Capacity5000
Proximity cardStandard for ID Card
Battery BackupYes
Battery CapacityN/a
Face RecognitionNo
Warranty1 Year

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