Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad

Keeps Your Laptop Cool & Happy CoolSpot keeps your laptop cool, whether you’re gaming, browsing, sharing or shopping. It minimizes heat to help your laptop run at its best.

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Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad

This Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad can keep your laptop cool when it becomes hot. It has a cooling technology that will remove the heat that has been generated as a result of heavy computing or gaming. The cooling system has a clean finish that is matched by a beautiful color theme. The product's futuristic appearance is guaranteed to entice you. The cooling pad will be a fantastic accessory to add to your laptop because it will improve the appearance of your device while also delivering optimal cooling.

Whisper-Like Efficiency

Because of its curved shape, the unique AirFlow Wave design provides a constant, evenly distributed stream of air flowing beneath your laptop. This design results in a fan that is quieter and won't interfere with your music, movies, or video games.

Ergonomic Design

This Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad helps your laptop run at its best by reducing heat. The innovative shape creates a stream of air flowing under the laptop that is equally dispersed. This design also produces less noise, allowing you to focus on your work and avoid being distracted while playing games or working on your laptop.

Smooth Operation

The ergonomic design of the Belkin Cool Spot Laptop Cooling Pad is likely to catch your interest. It is light in weight and easy for you to carry or pick up. It has an angled top position that makes typing on your laptop much easier. Belkin laptop cooling pad also has a no-slip edge that keeps your device in place. It has grip pads on the bottom to keep you from sliding and slipping.

Better Airflow. Better Cooling.

The Laptop Cooling Pad's increased airflow keeps your laptop cool and comfortable on your lap or at your desk. The Airflow Wing, which has a patent-pending, allows the fan to suck in more air, resulting in better cooling and quieter operation than two-fan systems.

Designed for Comfort

The distinctive design aspects of the Laptop Cooling Pad contribute to your comfort. The fan is placed just behind the CPU to draw heat away from the source, while the patented wave shape and Smart Convection design enhance circulation to allow hot air to flow up and away from your laptop.

Powered by Your Laptop USB port

CoolSpot is USB-powered, so no extra cables or large batteries are required—just plug it into your laptop and start cooling.

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