Baltra Turbo-Plus Vacuum Cleaner | BVC-206

  • Easy Carrying Handle
  • Speed Control on Body
  • Hose Swivel 360º Rotation
  • Full Bag Indicator
  • Pedal On/Off Switch
  • Automatic Cord Re-Winder

Rs.  11,200 Rs.  12,875

High-Performance Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner has a 2000-Watt motor that provides powerful airflow for high cleaning. It includes a convenient built-in filter with wide holes to keep dust and dirt particles from departing once they've been drawn in. 

Easy Cleaning Filters

This vacuum cleaner comes with a dust filter. Before cleaning and reinstalling the filter, it should be clean. This cleaner can be used for long periods of time without becoming overheated.

Hose Swivel 360° Rotation

Vacuum Cleaners have a 360-degree rotatory hose for simple and pleasant cleaning, as well as a pedal on/off switch and swivel wheels for easy handling, stability, and mobility. And the suction control on the handle allows you to adjust the ideal airflow for excellent cleaning.


Buying vacuum cleaner bags over and over again might be irritating because they are costly and only have one-time usage. The dust case allows you to clean big areas without having to empty the bin frequently and provides uninterrupted performance. The Baltra Big bag allows for numerous cleaning sessions in one trip. This bag has good filtering and is simple to clean.

Easy Carrying Handle

It is easy to move and weighs less than kg due to the built carrying handle.

ProductVacuum Cleaner
Dust CapacityN/a
Max Consumption Power2000W Power

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