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Baltra Swift Pressure Cooker | BEP-201

  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • NonStick Coated Cooking Pot
  • Multipurpose Precooking Menu
  • Digital Display
  • 90 Minutes Timer

Rs.  7,420 Rs.  8,525

Baltra Swift Pressure Cooker | BEP-201 in Nepal

Get Baltra Swift Pressure Cooker

This Baltra Swift Pressure Cooker makes use of cutting-edge technology to provide you and your family with better, quicker, and healthier cooking. Your pressure cooker traps steam, allowing you to cook hotter and quicker while preserving vital ingredients for healthier meals. Cooking quickly and sparingly saves both natural resources and energy! 

Touch Screen

It allows you to configure time, temperature, pressure level, delay start, and warmth.

Steam Release

You may now vent by just clicking the 'Letting off steam' button on the screen and selecting your chosen form of pressure releases, such as pulse or fast release.


The cooker is glossy stainless steel on the outside and interior. The package and inserts are always together of recyclables.

Manual Buttons

To manually modify the cooking time, press the Manual Setting Button. You may choose from a range of cooking times ranging from 1 to 90 minutes.

Healthy Food

The Baltra Swift Pressure Cooker is operated by a smart processor that continually monitors and modifies pressure, temperature, and time. Also, cook food up to 70% faster than traditional methods while reliably delivering excellent results every time.

Multi Control

An attractive LCD displays the cooking phase of the multicooker. With a single touch, you can operate 15 different programs, each of which can be specially made to remember how you like to cook.

Brand Baltra
Category Rice Cooker
Product Swift | BEP-201
Color N/a
Capacity 6 Liters
Wattage 900W
Warranty 1 Year
Selling_price -

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