Baltra Spew Electric Geyser

  • Rated Current: 8.7A
  • Water Pressure: 0.8Mpa
  • Leakage and ELCB Protection Function
  • Large LCD Display with Remote Control
  • Incoloy 840 Heating Elements
  • High Precision Thermostat Control
  • Multi-Functional Safety Valve

Rs.  17,726 Rs.  20,375

Powerful Heater

The 2000-watt high-grade copper heating element material delivers instant water heating. And also ideal hot water at any time you desire.


The smart shield protects your tank and also heating element from harm. While the strong ABS shell keeps you safe from the elements.

Multi-Layer Safty

Baltra water heaters include multi-levels of safety: a capillary thermostat, an automated thermal cut-off, and a multi-function safety valve. Additionally, this geyser also comes with Leakage and ELCB protection functions. 

LED Display With Remote

This Baltra instant water heater comes with a large LED display. Along with the heater you get a remote. You can control water heating temperature with this remote. You can also change modes and power on or off with the controller. 

Ensure For Health

The nickel-coated copper heating element prevents scale development. Moreover, ensuring safe, optimum hot water at all times and extending the life of the product.

Power Saving

The high density and PUF of the water heater ensure that internal heat and temperature are maintained. Thus, using high-grade excellent PUF insulation, this extremely revolutionary water heater reduces heat loss and improves energy efficiency.

ISI Certified

ISI-certified Baltra water geysers are noted for their high quality and safety requirements.

Heating Element

The improved Incoloy 840 heating element enhances the element's life. So, this allows the water heater to operate for longer.

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ProductBaltra Spew | BSWH-110
TypeWater Geyser
Capacity15 Liters
Warranty1 Year

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