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Baltra Dream Regular Rice Cooker

  • Auto cooking & keeping warm
  • Detachable cooking pot
  • Thicker outer body
  • Stainless steel lid with steamer tray

Rs. 2,375 - Rs. 3,625

: 1 Liter 1.5 Liters 1.8 Liters 2.8 Liters

Baltra Dream Regular Rice Cooker in Nepal

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Durable Body

The strong double-walled body of the Baltra Dream Regular Rice Cooker prevents the cooker from damages and injuries, extending its life.

Control Panel

When the rice is ready, the control switch lever immediately turns to "Warm" mode, which aids in automated cooking. Rice remains fresh and heated for a lengthy amount of time when set to "Hot." It also has two cooking and warming indicators on it. As a consequence, it is simple to use.


The stylish handles on the cooker make it easy to carry even when the food inside is hot. As a result, it's really simple to use.

Removable Cord

The retractable power cable makes the cooker portable and simple to use. This enables you to prepare and serve your meal in the same pot.


At a time, the rice cooker can cook 1 to 2 kg of rice. You can also create porridge, soup, pulao, vegetable stew, and idlis with this 900-watt electric rice cooker.

Close Lid

The set comes with a high-quality stainless steel cover. A steam vent in the lid enables steam to escape, which reduces lathering and rice overflow.

Cooking Pan

This Baltra Dream Regular Rice Cooker is made of high-quality materials, making it sturdy and long-lasting. Aluminum is more resistant to corrosion than steel and does not react with food.

Brand Baltra
Category Rice Cooker
Product Dream Regular Rice Cooker
Color N/a
Capacity  1.0 Ltr, 1.5 Ltrs, 2.2 Ltrs, 2.8 Ltrs
Wattage 900 W
Warranty 1 Year
Selling_price -

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