Baltra Cook Top Sensible Induction

Key Highlights:

  • Baktra Sensible  infraed  induction
  • with steel body and insulation
  • 2000 Watts.
  • Compatible with all types of utensils (steel, metal, aliminium etc)
  • Easy maintainance
  • Comes with glass top, feather touch buttons and Led display.

Rs.  4,330 Rs.  4,975

Baltra Cook Top Sensible Induction

Since the infrared cooker transmits the heat to the pot by heating the heating element, the heating speed is relatively slower than other induction cooker The heating temperature of the infrared cooker reaches up to 700 degrees, and it takes a quite long time to cool the panel after use. Induction Protection mat can be discolored due to high heating temperature

Product Details: 

  • Infrared 2000 watt induction cooktop comes with high thermal efficiency which reduces the cooking time.
  • Over heat protection prevents your food from getting burned.
  • This user friendly cooktop with 7 preset menu with additional manual control is a smart addition to your kitchen at better range.
  • The all-new Infrared Cooker from Baltra for Even and Faster cooking
  • It has feather touch button operation
  • Eco Friendly and Radiation Free
  • Suitable for all metallic & non-metallic cookware
  • Digital display for easy cooking control and Automatic power off feature
  • Adjustable power control as per the cooking needs
  • Its a great energy saver and radiation free Induction cooker
  • High Thermal Efficiency; It has shock proof body
  • Strong Heat Power
  • Digit Digital Display
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Multi Power Level Function
  • Easy to Carry

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Brand Baltra
Model BIC 121
Type Infrared Induction Cooker
Power Consumption 2000 Watts
Power Requirement 220 V
Weight 4 kgs
Warranty 1-year Brand warranty
Covered in warranty Manufacturing defects
Package Contents Main Unit, Instruction Manual

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