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Baltra Cloud Deluxe Rice Cooker

  • Auto Cooking and Keep Warm
  • Detachable Cooking Pot
  • Thicker Outer Body
  • All Plastic parts are made from New Material

Rs. 2,875 - Rs. 3,775

: 1.8 Liters 2.2 Liters 2.8 Liters

Baltra Cloud Deluxe Rice Cooker in Nepal

Operating System

Cooking is straightforward and efficient thanks to the one-button control panel. Simply connect the rice cooker wire to the plug to activate the cooking mode. When the power is turned on, the rice cooker starts automatically. The rice cooker will automatically switch to keep warm mode after it has completed cooking.

Cooking Capacity

Baltra Cloud rice cooker can cook 1.8 to 2.8 kg of rice at a time. As a result, you can prepare rice for the entire family in minutes while preparing other items.

Max 1000W Power

To work properly, this rice cooker requires a minimum power input of 220 V and maximum power use of 900w to 1000 W. As a result, this rice cooker heats up quickly, is inexpensive, and saves a significant amount of energy and cooking gas.

Removable Cord

This Baltra cloud deluxe rice cooker has a detachable power wire. You may immediately disconnect the power supply if you prefer to keep the cooker on the dining table or relocate it.

Keep Warm

Are you irritated with rice that is either undercooked or overcooked? The Baltra Deluxe rice cooker uniformly cooks your rice and then switches to the "Keep Warm" mode. This ensures that your delicious rice stays fresh and warm for hours before eating. Take the stress out of making a dish or black rice, and you'll be able to enjoy your favorite dishes with ease!

Brand Baltra
Category Rice Cooker
Product Cloud Deluxe
Color -
Capacity 1.8 Ltrs, 2.2 Ltrs, 2.8 Ltrs
Wattage 900W-1000 W
Warranty 1 Year
Selling_price -

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