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100L Haier Chest Freezer HCF -148HC (BC/BD-103H)

The Single Door Reliable Chest Freezer

The 100L Haier Chest Freezer is an excellent solution for properly storing frozen food goods such as meat, packaged meals, ice cream, veggies, and desserts at the appropriate storage temperature for extended life. Moreover, this freezer ensures the quality, and taste remains the same. Further, it also minimizes freezer burn and ice crystal formation.

Rs.  26,341 Rs.  30,990

Save up to 40% of energy 

The 100L Haier Chest Freezer is efficient when it comes to consuming energy. The freezer can reduce electricity consumption by 40%. Hence, you shouldn't worry about the hefty amount to be paid as an electricity bill using this Haier Freezer.

Molecular Foaming

Haier 100L Chest Freezer comes up with the better PUF (Molecular Foaming). In particular, this technology gives cooling retention up to 100 hours. Also, Molecular foaming with high-density PUF avoids leakage of cold air.

Trapezoid Door Design (Three-layer door)

Three-layered trapezoid door design to avoid leakage of cold air leading to better cooling retention. Furthermore, this technology helps the chest freezer to retain the temperature.

Toughened Glass

The shelves of the Haier Freezer have high strength and do not break even if you drop heavy items. Additionally, the glass shelves are free from heavy metals so it is safe to store food on them.

Other Features

  • Wide voltage range 160-260v, lesser dependency on the stabilizer
  • Convertible Option

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Product Haier Chest Freezer   HCF-148HC (BC/BD-103H)
Type Chest Freezer
Brand Haier
Capacity 100 Ltrs
Color White
Unit Dimension 570*550*845
No of Doors 1
Liner Aluminum
Compressor Type Static
Evaporator Type Static
Condenser Type Static
Evaporator Fan No
Condenser Fan Yes
Castors/Legs No
Lock Yes
Door Type Trapezoid Door Design
Baskets/Shelves 1

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