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Dell Vostro 3681 Desktop I3 | 4GB Ram |

Rs.60,040 Rs.63,200

Dell OptiPlex 3070 MT i5 9th Gen | 8GB R

Rs.73,530 Rs.81,700

Dell OptiPlex 3070 MT i5 9th Gen | 4GB R

Rs.91,105 Rs.95,900

Desktop Computers At Neo Store

Neo Store, the leading electronics eCommerce of Nepal sells a wide range of Desktop Computers. Additionally, you can explore the PC of different brands with different specifications at the Neo Store. However, the store offers more options on Desktop Computers of the Dell Brand because of authorization. If you are looking to buy Personal Computer for the purposes like gaming, office work, programming, or even for personal use, the store has an option. Moreover, the Neo Store is a perfect hub where you can choose the Workstation PC or Personal Desktop Computers or Gaming Pc according to your requirements. Not only that, the store provides you a genuine Desktop Computer at a decent price. Interestingly, the customers will also get the facilities of insurance, warranty, and customer support on Desktop Computer bought online from Neo Store. However, these facilities are subjected to vary according to the brand of PC.

Desktop computer price in Nepal

The price of the Desktop Computers depends upon your requirement. To be specific, it is almost impossible for you to match the requirement of your Desktop Computers either with your budget or technical details. So, what we recommend is to assemble your own custom PC. Although we have a very limited option on the number of Desktop PCs on our store, we can provide you every computer accessories to design your own pc, staying on budget as well as other technical requirements. However, we currently offer these facilities only on the Dell Desktop PC. Adding to that, you can always contact us to inform us about your requirement so that we can prepare the Desktop Computer of your choice. On the other hand, if you want to go with the Desktop Computers from our listing, the price range stands between Rs. 53,000 to Rs. 92,000.

PC Price In Nepal 2021 At Neo Store

The price of Pc in Nepal can be diverse; meaning: it's your choice on how much you want to spend while buying your PC. Although we are not able to cover the price diversity here, we have some of the best Desktop Computers available in the country. Also, we are exclusively selling all these PCs at the best price with added facilities in Nepal.

Dell Computer Price In Nepal 2021

When talking about laptops & computers, there isn't any alternative for Dell. Therefore, the Neo Store is completely focused on the Dell brand to solve your computing problems.

Pricing Details

The pricing details of Dell Desktop Computers available at Neo Store is summoned up below:

Dell PC Price [2021]
1. Dell Vostro 3681 Desktop I3 | 4GB Ram | 1TB HDD  Rs. 54,055
2. Dell OptiPlex 3070 MT i5 9th Gen | 8GB Ram | 1TB Rs. 73,530
3. Dell OptiPlex 3070 MT i5 9th Gen | 4GB Ram | 1TB Rs. 91,105

Note: The price of these Workstation PC are subjected to change, please reach us before making your choice.