Skyworth | 12Kg Front-Load Washing Machi

Rs.112,705 Rs.119,900

Skyworth | 10Kg Front-Load Washing Machi

Rs.92,495 Rs.98,400

Skyworth | 10Kg Front-Load Washing Machi

Rs.83,285 Rs.88,600

Skyworth | 9Kg Front-Load Washing Machin

Rs.78,865 Rs.83,900

Skyworth | 8Kg Front-Load Washing Machin

Rs.81,310 Rs.86,500

Haier | Front load Washing machine | 7 K

Rs.79,191 Rs.87,990

Haier | Front load Washing machine | 8KG

Rs.74,691 Rs.82,990

Haier | Front load Washing machine | 7.5

Rs.79,195 Rs.87,990

Haier | Front load Washing machine | 7KG

Rs.72,895 Rs.80,990

Haier | 7kg Front load Washing machine |

Rs.71,095 Rs.78,990

Syinix S4712 Washing Machine

Rs.45,500 Rs.51,870

Haier(HW100-DM14876TNZP) 10KG Fully Auto


Buy Washing Machine In Nepal- NeoStore

A washing machine is one of the most important household appliances. Additionally, without a fully functional and high-tech washing machine at home, regular life cannot be imagined. NeoStore is one of the best online marketplaces in Nepal that sells the washing machines of the leading consumer electronics company in the world. Besides, there are many important things to keep in mind before you Buy Washing Machine in Nepal. On the other hand, if you are thinking about where to explore Best Washing Machine In Nepal or Portable Washing Machine In Nepal, NeoStore has a place for all. Additionally, you can also explore the cheap washing machine at our Store. Likewise, if you are brand conscious and want to explore the washing machine of brands including Samsung and Haier, there is no better place than NeoStore in Nepal.

Types Of Washing Machine Available At NeoStore

NeoStore, Nepal's only electronics online buying destination, provides customers with a wide range of washing machines. Washing Machines from all major manufacturers, including Samsung, Haier, Skyworth, and many others, are available online with just a few mouse clicks. Let's look into the types of washing machines available in the Nepali market:

Top-Load Washing Machine In Nepal

At NeoStore, we have a wide range of washing machines to choose from. Similarly, the top-loading washing machine is the most popular and cost-effective. This machine, as its name implies, has a top lid that must be lifted up to insert the clothing inside. Because they are the simplest and easiest to operate, these machines do not have many functions.

Front-Load Washing Machine In Nepal

The front-loading washing machines, as the name implies, have a front door that opens to place the clothing inside for washing. Front-Loading Washing Machine has a wash capacity of 3.9 to 5.1 cubic feet which is higher compared to the Top-Loading Washing Machine. Many modern capabilities, such as steam washing, are commonly included with front-loading washing machines. Front-loaders have a lot of power and can wash a lot of clothes.

Washing Machine Price In Nepal 2021

If you landed to the perfect place if you are looking for the Latest Price Of Washing Machine In Nepal. In particular, refer above to get an insight into the Price Of  Washing Machine In Nepal. However, to generalize, the Price Of Washing machines in Nepal as of 2021 stands somewhere between Rs. 22,410 — Rs. 272,990.

Samsung Washing Machine In Nepal

When talking about the best electronic brand that manufactures Washing machines, Samsung is the brand that pops up in everyone's head. So, if you are looking to Buy a Samsung Washing Machine Online In Nepal, you can explore it at NeoStore.

Price Of Samsung Washing Machine In Nepal

Check out the table below to know the Price of Samsung Washing Machine In Nepal:

Samsung Washing Machine Price [2021]
Samsung 7.2kg Semi-automatic Top load washing machine Rs. 24,990
Samsung 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Load washing machine Rs. 37,990
Samsung 7 kg Top load washing machine Rs. 49,990
Samsung Washing machine with Eco-bubble Technology 7kg Rs. 72,990
Samsung Fully Automatic Front Loading 8kg capacity Washing Machine Rs. 69,990
Samsung Front Loading 8kg Washing Machine Rs. 99,990
Samsung 8kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Rs. 88,990
Samsung Front Loading washing machine with add wash 9kg Rs. 96,990
Samsung Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing machine 8kg washer with 6kg Dryer Rs. 99,990
Samsung front loading washing machine with hygiene steam 8kg Rs. 77,990
Samsung 7kg Fully Automatic Front Loading washing machine Rs. 68,990

Last updated on 8/17/2021

Haier Washing Machine In Nepal

Similar to Samsung, Haier is also famous as a flagship brand to manufacture electronic products. Likewise, the Haier Washing Machine is among the demanded product in the Nepali market. If you are looking to explore the price of Haier Washing Machine In Nepal, check out the table below

Price of Haier Washing Machine In Nepal

Haier Washing Machine Price [2021]
6.2Kg Haier Top-Load Washing-Machine Rs. 35,010
Haier 6.2Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Rs. 32,310
7Kg Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine Rs. 25,110
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Rs. 22,410
Haier | 7kg Front load Washing machine Rs. 71,095
Haier | Front-load Washing machine | 7KG Rs. 72,895
Haier | Front-load Washing machine | 7.5Kg Rs. 79,195
Haier | Front-load Washing machine | 8KG Rs. 79,190
Haier | Front-load Washing machine | 7 Kg Rs. 81,895
Haier Washing Machine; Fully Automatic Front Rs. 50,940
7.8Kg Haier Top Load Automatic Washing Rs. 43,110

Last updated on 8/17/2021