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Overview: What is Video Conference?

Video Conferencing (teleconferencing) is an internet technology that allows people in various parts of the world to hold face-to-face meetings without having to travel to the same place. This technology is especially useful for business users who move between cities or even nations because it saves time, money, and headaches associated with business travel. In particular, holding ordinary meetings, negotiating commercial transactions, and interviewing job candidates are all examples of video conferencing applications. During the 2020-21 COVID19 pandemic, Video Conferencing services like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams saw a boom in interest and use, as many people throughout the world were compelled to work from home and attend online classes due to lockdowns. However, the software alone is insufficient for flawless video conferencing. For high-quality conferencing, suitable hardware is required in addition to these programs. And, if you are looking to buy conferencing products in Nepal, NeoStore can be the perfect place to explore.

Video Conference In Nepal

Although the concept of video conferences is not so popular in Nepal, the ongoing situation is forcing people to make video conference an alternative. The video conference precisely solves people's current pain points because it eliminates the need for them to meet and speak face to face. Similarly, the continuous pandemic necessitates social separation, and the only way to meet this demand is to use video conferencing products whenever you need to contact others. So if you are among the people who are thinking to make a video conference as an alternative, NeoStore has exclusively brought different conferencing products. These products offer solutions that allow remote learning via virtual classrooms, including content management, to remote learning options. Also, it helps you save time, stay organized, and communicate with your students through a virtual classroom setup. Apart from managing the classroom, Video Conference in Nepal has a scope in areas like conducting business meetings, running remote offices, and more.

Video Conferencing Product in Nepal

In the above section, we have talked about the scope of the video conferences in Nepal. Besides, it is equally important to know about what sort of devices can be useful for Conferencing. Moreover, if you are looking to buy a conferencing product in Nepal, the NeoStore can help you to determine a suitable video conferencing product for you. Also, you can explore all kinds of video conferencing products like PTZ cameras, Interactive displays, and Podiums & Controllers via NeoStore. On the other hand, conferencing products can be a bit expensive when compared to normal cameras and microphones. The reason for being expensive is that the video conferencing camera can accommodate more than 30 people, sitting in the same room which is almost impossible for other cameras to cover such a huge space. Likewise, the video conferencing microphone is as powerful as conferencing cameras, covering larger space.

Video Conferencing Cameras In Nepal

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the best PTZ camera for Video Conferencing in Nepal. NeoStore in Nepal is particularly pleased to offer you the best video conference cameras to satisfy your needs. In comparison to other eCommerce markets in Nepal, the product you purchase from the NeoStore also has a competitive price. Although many other PTZ Video Conference Cameras of different brands are available, NeoStore has the most popular brand, PeopleLink, and Logitech.

Get The Best Deal In Video Conference Camera In Nepal: NeoStore

Are you looking for the most affordable Video Conferencing Camera in Nepal? Are you looking for a place in Nepal where you can learn about Video Conferencing Products? If that's the case, Nepal's NeoStore might be the ideal location to start looking. In Nepal, the store sells a variety of video conferencing equipment, such as cameras and microphones. Check out the list below to check the pricing details of Video Conferencing Cameras in Nepal.

Video Conference Speakerphones In Nepal

NeoStore is the place to go if you're seeking for a location to buy Conference Speakerphones online in Nepal. Additionally, you may shop for all video conferencing products at the Neo Online Shop. Despite the fact that other businesses offer video conferencing solutions, NeoStore carries the majority of PeopleLink's offerings. Speakerphones are one of numerous video conferencing products that must be used. Furthermore, speakerphones, as well as a display and Conference Cameras, are essential if you plan to hold a video conference. Furthermore, NeoStore is the place to go if you're looking for Conference Speakerphones or Conference Cameras. Check out the table below for a more in-depth look into Conference Speakerphone pricing in Nepal.

Conference Speakerphones Price [2021]
Peoplelink 4K AF Camera Soundbar Rs. 210,000
PeopleLink DSP CM PRO | Digital Signal Processor Rs. 287,500
PeopleLink DSP CM Rs. 200,000
PeopleLink Quadro Touch Rs. 169,000
PeopleLink Sound Bar Plus Rs. 35,000
PeopleLink Quadro P with Extension Rs. 99,000
PeopleLink Quadro P Rs. 85,000
PeopleLink Quadro Rs. 80,000
PeopleLink Voice Collaboration PVC 50 WS Rs. 70,000
PeopleLink Universal Voice Collaboration UVC Rs. 45,000
PeopleLink UVC 25 Conference Speaker Rs. 45,000

Last updated on 7/27/2021

PeopleLink In Nepal

As a matter of fact, Neoteric is an official importer of PeoplLink Video Conferencing products in Nepal. In particular, if you are brand conscious and want to use only PeopleLink products, there is no better place to explore than NeoStore. The store has all kinds of products, starting from Budget to premium products of PeopleLink. To generalize, you can consider NeoStore as a home For PeopleLink In Nepal.