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Remax Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker | RB-

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Sonos One-SL Smart Speaker

Rs.3,599 - Rs.72,000

DIGICOM 2.1 channel Bluetooth Multimedia

Rs.4,050 Rs.4,500
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Digicom 5.1 channel Bluetooth Multimedia

Rs.9,270 Rs.10,300
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Digicom 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Multimedia

Rs.6,570 Rs.7,300
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Digicom 2.1 channel Bluetooth Multimedia

Rs.5,040 Rs.5,600
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Bose Bass Module 500

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Bose Bass Module 700

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BOSE TV Speaker


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Do you like listening to music? But the listening experience may not be as good as you think. To have music by your side all the time, all you have to do is find a good pair of speakers, and NeoStore is the best online option you can use. We offer an unmatched selection of speakers for every budget and requirement. All the speakers featured in our store offer top-notch audio quality and come in various designs to consider. At NeoStore, you can buy a famous brand sound system online.

Shop All Kinds of Bluetooth, Wireless & JBL Speakers at Neo Store

There is nothing more boring than listening to music with little clarity. A bad sound can even ruin your favorite song. So be sure to choose the right speakers to enhance your audio experience. The collection available at NeoStore is sure to meet all your needs. In addition to compact and portable audio speakers, you can also find outdoor speakers that appeal to a wider audience. You can also choose from different options like multimedia speakers, Bluetooth, JBL, and USB. Pair your speakers with a compatible amplifier and subwoofer from our versatile collection for impressive sound quality and distortion-free bass. Please browse our online store to buy various speakers from top brands online and enhance your entertainment experience like never before.

Best Speaker for all kinds of budgets

Whether you’re hosting a house party or lounging at home, or game night, or movie night, music can instantly cheer you up, but you need high-performance speakers. So, what are you waiting for? Buy high-quality speakers online and take your entertainment experience to the next level. Please take a look at the different types and models of speakers, compare at least two models by their features, specifications, and price, and buy the best speaker that meets your needs, requirements, and budget. You can also read reviews online to get a better idea of these devices.

Speaker Price In Nepal

The price of a speaker in Nepal is diverse. In particular, the price range of speakers in Nepal stands between Rs. 1,150 — Rs. 129,000. More specifically, the cheapest speaker available at NeoStore, Nepal Fantech Arthas GS-733 RGB Speaker, having a price of Rs. 1,150 whereas the most expensive one is Bose SoundBar 700 with the price tag of Rs. 129,000. Also, check out the table below to get a pricing overview of the speakers available in Nepal (especially at NeoStore).

JBL Speaker Price In Nepal

JBL Speaker Price [2021]
JBL Portable Speaker CLIP4 Rs. 14,800
JBL Go 3 – Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Rs. 5,900
JBL Flip 4 Rs. 12,150
JBL Charge 4 Rs. 19,500
JBL FLIP 5 – Portable Wireless Speaker Rs. 14,800
JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass Soundbar Rs. 42,000

Last updated on 8/9/2021

Most Selling Speaker Price In Nepal

  1. Lenovo Desktop Speaker L102- Rs. 1,599
  2. Logitech X50 Mobile Wireless Speaker- Rs. 4,140
  3. Dell 2.0 Speaker System- Rs. 5,895
  4. Digicom 2.1 channel Bluetooth Multimedia- Rs. 5,600
  5. BOSE Home Speaker 300- Rs. 41,000
  6. Fantech GS202 Portable Speaker- Rs. 1,450
  7. Sony M40D High Power Audio System with DVD- Rs. 45,500
  8. FANTECH GS203 Computer Speaker Mini- Rs. 1,500

Note: The price of these products is subjected to change at any time, make sure to contact us before making a purchase.