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Logitech Laser Presenter Remote R500

Offer: Rs.10,115 Rs.11,305 Rs.11,900

Fantech-Wireless WP10 Lasar Presentation

Rs.1,299 Rs.1,899
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Logitech Conference Cam Connect

Offer: Rs.59,415 Rs.69,900
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Logitech R800 Laser Presentation Remote

Offer: Rs.12,580 Rs.14,060 Rs.14,800

The Secret Weapon For Presentation

Whether you work in a company or are a student, you will almost certainly be required to give a presentation to your boss or professor at some point. If you frequently create PowerPoint or Google Slide decks, you may consider investing in a Presentation Remote to improve your professional game. Speakers, especially in larger venues and auditoriums, benefit from Presentation Clicker because they eliminate a logistical difficulty. A typical Remote Controller is nothing more than a button that allows you to progress to the next slide. However, there are a few types that provide significantly more control. You may pause and resume multimedia, return to a previous slide, and even use a laser pointer to highlight key points in your presentation with the help of Presentation Remote. Looking to buy a Presentation Remote? Here are few things you need to consider:

Power Back-Up

You don't want your Presentation Remote to stop working while you are presenting something. It is important to look for remotes with Long battery life, rechargeability, and the ability to monitor battery levels. Thus, this can help you avoid running out of power or carrying extra batteries in your pocket.

Required Range

Before deciding to purchase the Presentation Remote, be sure that it contains the features that you desire. If you're going to wander across a stage or work in a large room, you'll need a Presentation Clicker that works perfectly from longer distances. On the other hand, if you’re just presenting in a conference room or classroom, a shorter range will be sufficient. However, if you're primarily giving a presentation in a conference room or a classroom, a lesser range will suffice.


Another important factor that can't be ignored is compatibility. Many presentation clickers are compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, but some aren't. You should also check to see if the clicker is plug-and-play or if you'll need to download software to use it.

Buy Presentation Remote In Nepal

If you are wondering about where to buy the Presentation Remote in Nepal, the Neo Store is the answer to your curiosity. Logitech and Fantech are two of the most well-known brands in Nepal that design and produce Presentation Remotes. As of now, Neo Store also has a product of these brands. You will get enough product to compare and figure out the right one here. Talking about the pricing details, the remotes are up for sale and have a price range of Rs. 1,500 — Rs. 69,900.

Presentation Remote Price in Nepal

Check out the list below to find the pricing detail of a specific model: 

Presentation Remote Price [As of 2021]
Logitech Laser Presenter Remote R500 Rs. 11,900
Fantech WP10 Wireless Laser Presenter Remote Rs. 1,500
Logitech Conference Cam Connect Rs. 69,900
Logitech R800 Laser Remote Rs. 13,320

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