DIGICOM Surge Protector 8 Universal Exte

Rs.2,045 Rs.2,150
Limited Stock

Digicom 5-Universal Surge Protector | DG

Rs.1,305 Rs.1,375

Digicom 5-Port Power Extension | DG-M551

Rs.830 Rs.875

Digicom 4-Port Universal Sockets | 2 USB

Rs.1,755 Rs.1,850
Out of stock

REMAX | Ming Series Power Socket | RU-S2

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Belkin Gold Series 8-Socket Surge Protec

Rs.2,690 Rs.2,990
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Huntkey Surge Protection 4 Sockets (SZK-


Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protector 2 Meter

Rs.2,835 Rs.3,150

Belkin 3-outlet Surge Protector 1.5 Mete

Rs.2,205 Rs.2,450

Belkin 4-Outlet Surge Protector 1.5 Mete

Rs.2,475 Rs.2,750
Out of stock

Belkin ultimate series 8-Outlet Surge Pr


Power Accessories At One Place- NeoStore

The power accessories category includes the products like Mobile Chargers, Surge Protectors, Power Banks, and Car Chargers. If you are looking for an online marketplace to get all these products, NeoStore in Nepal is the perfect place to explore. You can look through a variety of Power Accessories with various power ratings, brands, and features. Aside from that, the products provided here come in a wide range of prices. These power accessories are essentially portable devices that aid in seamless charging as well as supplying power to your electronic devices. Furthermore, the products we sell are genuine and long-lasting, ensuring that your devices' health is not jeopardized.

Mobile Phone Charger In Nepal

Are you worried about getting a reliable Mobile Charger in the Nepali market? Thinking about the place to explore the chargers with specific power ratings that best suit your electronic devices? Do you want to buy an iPhone or iPod charger in Nepal?  Also, are you looking for a Wireless Charger in Nepal? If these are your pain point, make sure to visit our online store. Here you get a wide range of mobile phone chargers at the best price.

Mobile charger price in Nepal

The Price of Mobile Phone Chargers in Nepal is diverse. In particular, the pricing of chargers in Nepal depends on many factors such as Brand, Power Rating, Technology Used, and many more. To get detailed insight into Mobile Charger in Nepal, check out the list below. Also, the list below incorporates wireless, wired chargers, and car chargers.

Mobile Phone Charger Price [2021]
Corn Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Adapter QE002 Rs. 402
REMAX | Elves Series sucked-type wireless Rs. 1,300
Remax | 4-Port Wanfu USB Adaptor | RP-U43 EU Rs. 1,100
Remax | Xiaoxiao series wireless charger Rs. 700
Remax | Jane series Type-C charger Rs. 600
Remax | Jane series Apple cable charger Rs. 600
REMAX | Jane series Micro cable charger Rs. 500
Remax | Car Charger Rs. 600
Remax | Alien pro car charger Rs. 900

Latest Updated On 7/20/2021

Surge Protector In Nepal

The Surge Protector is basically a power extension cord that eases the problem of having limited ports in your house or workplace. Also, the surge protector comes with voltage regulators that help you to protect your electronic devices from undesired voltage fluctuations. In NeoStore, we sell a variety of power adapters. In Particular, if you are looking for 8 port surge protectors or 6 port surge protectors or 4 port surge protectors or 3 port surge protectors in Nepal, NeoStore in Nepal is the perfect place to explore.

Surge Protector Price In Nepal

Check out the pricing details of the Surge Protector available at NeoStore in Nepal:

Surge Protector Price [2021]
Belkin ultimate series 8-Outlet Surge Protector Rs. 3,500
Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protector 2 Meter Cord Rs. 3,000
REMAX | Ming Series Power Socket | RU-S2-EU Rs. 2,000
Ideakard Smart Strip 4 Socket Extension Boards Rs. 890
Ideakard Smart Strip 5 Socket Extension Boards Rs. 1,190
Ideakard Surge Protector with 2 USB 2.0 Rs. 1,590
Huntkey Surge Protection 4 Sockets Rs. 2,160
Belkin 3-outlet Surge Protector 1.5 Meter Cord Rs. 2,200
Belkin 4-Outlet Surge Protector 1.5 Meter Cord Rs. 2,600

Latest Updated On 7/20/2021

Buy Power Bank Online In Nepal

Are you planning a vacation and need to figure out how to charge your phones? If so, a Power Bank may be a viable option for you. Similarly, if you want to buy one, NeoStore is a fantastic place to start. The power bank available here is of different brands such as Rapoo, Dell, Corn, and Realme. Additionally, you will also get to explore the power bank of different ratings such as 12,000mAh18,000 mAh, 20,000 mAh, 10,000 mAh, and more. Talking about pricing details of power banks, the range varies according to the details specified above.

Power Bank Price In Nepal

The table below illustrates the pricing details of Power Banks available at NeoStore: 

Power Bank Price [2021]
Dell Portable Power Companion 12000 mAh Rs. 12,900
Rapoo P390 10000mAh Power Bank Rs. 3,680
Mi Power Bank 2i 20000mAh Powerbank Rs. 3,199
Dell Portable Power Companion 18,000 mAh Rs. 13,900
Corn 20000mAh Powerbank DW010 Rs. 2,514
Corn 10000mAh Powerbank DW005 Rs. 2,394
Realme RMA 138 POWER BANK Rs. 2,990

Latest Updated On 7/20/2021

Other Power Accessories Products

Apart from mobile phone chargers, Surge Protectors, and power banks, the store also has other related products like USB Hub, thunderbolt dock, and portable travel hub. Explore the type of power accessories products and purchase the best one that perfectly fits your requirement.