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Buy Desktop Monitors At The Best Price In Nepal

Many feature-rich desktop monitors are available with thinner and lighter in size. If you haven't bought a new monitor that meets the latest technological advances, then it's time to replace your old one with a new high-quality desktop monitor. As a matter of fact, Neo Store offers a wide range of desktop monitors capable of displaying clear, sharp, and bright images at the best price in Nepal. Here you can find various desktop monitors online in screen sizes from 15 to 32 inches and also at reasonable prices. So, choose the one you like the most and buy computer monitors online at the best price in Nepal. Likewise, you can also get the best dell laptop in Nepal at Neo Store.

Dell Monitors In Nepal

Dell is a renowned brand that provides one of the best quality monitors. Similarly, it is also best known for its high-quality gadgets and the best prices. Additionally, being specific about the features, Dell provides high customer satisfaction in Nepal. Get the latest Dell Monitor at the lowest price in Nepal. In addition, Neo Store offers a wide range of Dell Monitors where you can browse all the latest Dell Monitors and check the detailed specifications. Also, you can find your desired Dell Monitor at the best price in Nepal with us.

Price Of Dell Monitors In Nepal

As we have mentioned above, the gadgets of the Dell brand including Monitors are pretty reasonable when it comes to the price tag. On the other hand, the quality of products is up to the mark. In fact, it's hard to find other brand monitors with similar specifications and quality like Dell at a cheaper price. So, due to this factor, Dell has managed to establish itself as one of the supreme gadgets manufacturing companies of the world. Talking about the Dell Monitors Price In Nepal, the cost stands in between the range of Rs. 12,000-Rs. 90,000. However, you can find the costlier monitors of Dell in the international market. Let's have a look at the list of Dell Monitors along with their size and price available at Neo Store. 

Dell 19-Inch monitor price in Nepal

The Dell E1916H Monitor is only the option available in the group of Dell 19 Inch Monitors at Neo Store. Also, this Dell E1916H 19 inch Monitor can be considered as one of the budget monitors that can be found in the Nepali Market. In particular, you can purchase this 19-inch monitor of Dell at just Rs. 11,875.

Dell 22-Inch Monitor price in Nepal

At Neo Store, the Dell P2219H Monitor is the only option in the Dell 22 Inch Monitors group. Furthermore, this Dell P2219H 22-inch Monitor is also one of the more affordable monitors available in the Nepali market. Further, this Dell 22-inch monitor, in particular, is available for just Rs. 29,355.

Dell 24-Inch Monitor price in Nepal

The are all-together 3 models of Dell 24 inch monitor available at Neo Store. They are:

  1. Dell S2419H Monitor
  2. Dell P2418HZM Monitor
  3. Dell P2418HT Monitor
  4. Dell U2412M Monitor

From the above options, Dell S2419H 24-inch Monitor is the cheapest one with a price tag of Rs. 37,900. Likewise, Dell P2418HZM 24-inch Conference Monitor has a cost of Rs. 42,940 and Dell P2418HT 24-inch Monitor with screen touch feature has a price of Rs. 50,255. Similarly, the Dell U2412M Monitor, the 24-inch UltraSharp monitor can be bought for Rs. 34,105.

Dell 27-Inch Monitor price in Nepal

Neo Store is currently providing two options for the 27 inch variant of Dell Monitors. In particular, the first one, Dell U2719D 27-inch Monitor has a price of Rs. 82,900 and the next model, Dell S2719DGF 27-inch Monitor, also famous as Dell Gaming Monitor costs around Rs. 88,255.

Dell 32-Inch Monitor price in Nepal

Similar to the Dell 19-inch monitor, Neo Store has only one option for Dell 32 inch Monitor. In particular, the 32 inch variant of Dell Monitor comes with the model name, Dell U3219Q Monitor. To be more specific, this monitor is UltraSharp with 4K resolution and has a price tag of Rs. 190,900.

Summary: Dell Monitors Price In Nepal [2021]

Dell Monitors In Nepal Price [2021]
        1. Dell E1916H (19-Inch)         Rs. 11,875
        2. Dell P2219H (22-Inch)         Rs. 29,355
        3. Dell S2419H (24-Inch)         Rs. 37,900
        4. Dell P2418HZM (24-Inch)         Rs. 42,940
        5. Dell P2418HT (24-Inch)         Rs. 50,255
        6. Dell U2412M (24-Inch)         Rs. 34,105
        7. Dell U2719D (27-Inch)         Rs. 82,900
        8. Dell S2719DGF (27-Inch)         Rs. 88,255
        9. Dell U3219Q (32-Inch)         Rs. 190,900

Note: The mentioned price are subjected to change, please contact us before making your choice to know the latest pricing details.

BenQ Monitors In Nepal

BenQ, the Taiwanese multinational company for manufacturing Technology products is famous for its premium Monitors. In particular, the monitors are designed for different professions including business professionals, families, doctors and patients, teachers, and even gamers. In fact, the BenQ monitors are designed to meet every requirement of these professionals. Neo Store, the only electronics eCommerce sells a variety of BenQ Monitors that can exactly match your expectations. Furthermore, these BenQ Monitors can be handy if you are a gamer, designer, and animator by profession. Check out the models of BenQ monitors available at Neo Store along with the price below:

BenQ Monitors Price In Nepal [2021]

BenQ Monitors In Nepal Price [2021]
1. BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710 27 Inch Gaming Monitor Rs. 58,800
2. BenQ 27 Inch 4K Designer Monitor SW2700PT Rs. 112,800
3. LED 24 Inch BenQ EX2510 Monitor Rs. 50,400
4. BenQ SW271 LCD 27 Inch Monitor Rs. 186,000
5. BenQ PD2700U LED 27 Inch Monitor Rs. Rs. 84,600

Note: The mentioned price is subjected to change at any time, please go through the links to know the updated pricing details.