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Graphics Tablet In Nepal- NeoStore

Although the popularity of the Graphic Tablet in Nepal is still not at its peak, the device is slowly creating hype. The graphics tablet is an essential tool for any professional graphic artist, but not all graphics tablets are built the same way. How do you pick the best one for your requirements and budget?

The primary issue before making a decision is that there are so many items on the market that some people still grab for the old pencil and paper. Furthermore, most artists become dissatisfied and purchase a generic tablet that does not meet their needs.

So if you are curious to know about Graphic Tablet In Nepal, NeoStore can be a perfect place to explore. Also, the store has a variety of Graphic Tablets that can match your requirements and other technical details. Also, you can explore the Graphics Tablet of all kinds of budgets from NeoStore.

What Should You Consider Before Buying Graphics Tablet? 

Before making a decision, you need to think about a number of factors. Before selecting a Graphic Tablet, take into consideration such as Resolution, Pressure Sensitivity, Responsiveness, Size, and many other technical aspects. Let’s have a look at some of the most crucial factors to consider before making a decision to purchase a Graphic Tablet in Nepal.

Pressure Sensitivity

Tablets are available with pressure sensitivity levels from 300 to 3000 anywhere. The more you push the style, the higher the pressure level and the thicker the line.

The advantage of using more pressures is that they enable you to distinguish finer lines in thickness. It is also important to work on high-resolution drawings.


The number of lines per inch (LPI) on the tablet’s display and the amount of information it can detect from the stylus are both referred to as resolution.

The more detail you can add to your drawings, the higher the LPI. The resolution of larger drawing tablets is usually higher than that of smaller ones. However, the difference in size between identically sized tablets is often insignificant.


The speed at which the lines you’re drawing appear on the screen is referred to as responsiveness. This is almost always instantaneous. However, it is entirely dependent on the tablet’s drivers.

Before you buy a drawing tablet, find out what kind of software it comes with and read customer reviews. This will ensure that you do not have any lag issues.

Graphic Tablet Price In Nepal- NeoStore

The Price of Graphics Tablets in Nepal depends upon many factors. In particular, the factors such as Resolution, Responsiveness, Size, and other technical details play an important role in determining the price tag. To generalize, the price range of Graphic Tablet In Nepal stands between Rs. 6,300 — Rs. 120,000.

Check out the most selling Graphic Tablet In Nepal with pricing details:

Graphic Tablet Price [2021]
Wacom CTL-4100/K0-CX New Intuos small pen Rs. 11,640
Wacom Cintiq 16_DTK-1660/K1-CX creative pen Rs. 120,000
XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Graphic Display Tablet Rs. 83,000
XP-Pen Artist 13.3 Pro Graphic Display Tablet Rs. 62,000
XP-Pen Star G960 Graphic Tablet Rs. 10,500
XP-PEN Artist-12 Pro Graphic Display Tablet Rs. 51,000
XP-Pen Deco Fun S Graphic Drawing Tablet Rs. 10,000
XP-Pen StarG640 Ultrathin Drawing Rs. 10,000
XP-PEN Star03 V2 Graphics Drawing Pen Rs. 12,500
XP-PEN Deco Pro Medium Graphics Rs. 24,000
XP-Pen Graphics Tablet Deco Mini 7 Pen Tablet Rs. 10,500
XP-Pen G430S OSU Tablet Ultrathin Graphic Tablet Rs. 6,300
XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 Graphics Tablet Rs. 13,500
Wacom CTL-6100k0-CX New Intuos Medium Pen Rs. 29,600

Last Updated On 7/15/2021