Digicom Wired Slim Keyboard DG- W12

Rs.810 Rs.900

Digicom Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Rs.4,950 Rs.5,500

Lenovo Wired Keyboard K103

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Logitech Classic Keyboard K100

Offer: Rs.1,037 Rs.1,159 Rs.1,220
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Logitech USB Keyboard K120

Offer: Rs.1,267 Rs.1,415 Rs.1,490

FANTECH K210 Multimedia Wired Office Key

Rs.925 Rs.1,199
Out Of Stock

Fantech K3M Wired Office Slim Keyboard

Rs.999 Rs.1,949
Out Of Stock
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Rapoo NK1800 Wired Keyboard US Black (18

Offer: Rs.961 Rs.1,073 Rs.1,130
Out Of Stock

Fantech MK851 Wired Mechanical Keyboard



Rs.2,499 Rs.2,999

Fantech HUNTER Pro K511 BLACKLIT Wired G

Rs.2,499 Rs.3,999
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Logitech Wireless K400 Keyboard With Bui

Offer: Rs.6,460 Rs.7,220 Rs.7,600

Buy Keyboard online at NeoStore

With so many devices available on the market, it is often confusing to distinguish a product from its competitor or to choose the one that best suits your needs. This is where Neo Store comes in. At Neo Store, we take pride in helping you make a purchase online. Our constant goal is to understand your needs and help you find the right product for you! Because a purchase is only the first step in a relationship that will last for years. You can easily search the catalog, check keyboard features and prices, and buy the keyboard online. 

Best Keyboard for all kind of budget

Whether you're looking for a keyboard online or just want to visit NeoStore, touch and feel the product, and get the best recommendation from agents before making a purchase decision, all options are available to you. Although the price of the keyboard may vary from technology to technology, NeoStore strives to offer a large catalog of the best products with incredible deals for all budgets. After all, NeoStore's main goal is to make all of our customers' dreams come true.

Keyboard Price in Nepal

If you are looking for a place to explore the price of the Keyboards available in Nepal, Neo Store can be the perfect place. In particular, the price of keyboards is directly related to the aspects like brand, specification, and the technology used. Although the price range can be huge, Neo Store particularly has keyboards whose price stands between Rs. 900 — Rs. 16,400. To conclude, Neo Store has a place for every type of customer whose requirement can either be low-budget keyboards or expensive mechanical Keyboards.

Cheap Keyboard Price in Nepal

As a matter of fact, you can explore cheaper Keyboard in Nepali Market compared to Neo Store. However, we are highly committed to adding value to the customer's investment. Neo Store List of Cheap Keyboard along with price:

  1. Logitech Classic Keyboard K100- Rs. 1,220
  2. Fantech K210 Multimedia Wired Office Keyboard- Rs. 900
  3. Logitech USB Keyboard K120- Rs. 1,490
  4. Fantech K3M Wired Office Slim Keyboard- Rs. 950

In particular, you may find our version of cheap Keyboard more costly but at the same time, we can guarantee you that the products we are selling perform better and longer.

Gaming Keyboard in Nepal; Concept And Suggestion

There is some discussion on which keyboard is the best for gaming. Despite the fact that many manufacturers label the keyboard as a Gaming Keyboard, many gamers nowadays prefer Mechanical Keyboards to Gaming Keyboards. In terms of capability, a Gaming Keyboard and a Mechanical Keyboard are the same things. The tiny difference is that each key on a Mechanical Keyboard is configured to take and process input separately, i.e. if you press 10 keys at once on a mechanical keyboard, all of them will show their result, although this is not the case with other keyboards.

Gaming Keyboard Price In Nepal

Check out the list of Best Gaming Keyboard available at Neo Store: 

  1. Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard- Rs. 16,400
  2. Fantech MK851 Wired Mechanical Keyboard- Rs. 7,500
  3. Fantech Hunter Pro K511 Backlit Wired Gaming- Rs. 2,600
  4. Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard- Rs. 10,137

Logitech Keyboard in Nepal

As a Logitech authorized dealer, Neo Store can confidently state that a wide range of Logitech Keyboards is available in-store, with varying pricing, specifications, and designs. The consumer, in particular, will have a significant number of choices at the store to pick the right Logitech Keyboard for their needs.

Price of Logitech Keyboard in Nepal

As stated earlier, Neo Store can provide a comprehensive choice of Logitech Keyboard to its consumers. Check out the table below for a quick overview of the Logitech Keyboard price available at Neo Store.

Logitech Keyboards Price [2021]
Logitech Desktop Wireless Combo MK275 Rs. 4,390
Logitech Classic Desktop MK100 US-PS2-USB Rs. 2,500
Logitech Media Combo MK200 Keyboard Rs. 2,310
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard Rs. 10,137
Logitech Classic Keyboard K100 Rs. 1,220
Logitech USB Keyboard K120 Rs. 1,490
Logitech G100s Wired Gaming Combo Rs. 5,350
Logitech Wireless K400 Keyboard With Built-In Rs. 6,688

Fantech Keyboard in Nepal

Like the Logitech Keyboard, the Neo Store features a good range of Fantech Keyboards. Although the Fantech Keyboard can be used for a variety of purposes, the company's products are primarily designed for gaming. So, if you're looking for a Gaming Keyboard, either inexpensive or high-quality, Fantech can undoubtedly meet your requirements.

Price of Fantech Keyboard in Nepal

Look through the list below to see which Fantech Keyboard best meets your requirement. Additionally, the price of each Fantech Keyboard available at the Neo Store is also included in the list.

Fantech Keyboards Price [2021]
FANTECH ARCHER K512 Wireless Rs. 2,499
FANTECH K210 Multimedia Wired Office Keyboard Rs. 900
Fantech K3M Wired Office Slim Keyboard Rs. 950
Fantech MK851 Wired Mechanical Keyboard Rs. 7,500
Fantech HUNTER Pro K511 BACKLIT Wired Gaming Rs. 2,600

For more details, don't hesitate to contact us