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Rice cookers are kitchen equipment that makes cooking rice with a beautiful, fluffy texture. In a rice cooker, you can make pulao, biryani, and other rice meals in under a minute. Rice cookers are automated electric cookers that may help you cook rice without having to worry about it. We carry a wide range of renowned brands with manufacturer warranties. At NeoStore, you can find Rice Cooker from top brands including Philips, Baltra, and Colors to help you make the right option. We guarantee that the items are genuine and of the best possible quality. Don’t worry about your purchases since we use safe and secure online payment methods.

Rice Cooker Price In Nepal

Are you Looking for Rice Cooker Prices in Nepal? Get the best deals on automatic rice cooker prices in Nepal from NeoStore. We just cannot depend on traditional technology for anything in our current day, where your time and energy are highly valued in everyday life. We must keep up with evolving technology and become familiarized with them as soon as possible. The reality is that a large percentage of Nepalese families are unaware of the benefits and advantages of electric rice cookers, which may save them major time, money, and energy, and instead follow traditional pressure cookers, which use a lot of energy and time. NeoStore sells steel electric rice cookers in a variety of brands and sizes.

Philips Rice Cooker Price In Nepal

Philips Rice Cooker helps to keep rice warm for a longer amount of time we can use the keep warm option. When the rice cooker is completed cooking, it automatically changes to keep-warm mode. Also, We can Cook or keep warm with a single push of a button, with visible light on the panel to display cooking status.

Product                            Price
Philips Fuzzy Rice Cooker HD4533/63 15926
Philips Rice cooker HD3132/68 9698
Philips Rice Cooker HD3060/62 13822
Philips All-In-One Cooker HD2137/62 26416
Philips ME Computerized electric pressure cooker HD2139/65 21417

Last updated on 8/17/2021

Baltra Rice Cooker Price In Nepal

Baltra is one of the branded companies that provides greater and Removable Cooking pots. It has a thicker outer body and they are made with Stainless steel lid. Especially, they are ideal for canteens and hotels.

Product                              Price
Baltra Swift+ 6 Ltr Pressure Cooker 7575
Baltra Rice Cooker Dream Deluxe | 2.2 Ltr 2850
Baltra Dream Deluxe Rice Cooker | 2.8 Ltr Capacity 3650

Last updated on 8/17/2021