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Buy Air Conditioner In Nepal- NeoStore

Air Condition in Nepal helps you to beat the heat, the best online shopping store in Nepal has high-efficiency air conditioners. At NeoStore, you can find air conditioners from top brands like Skyworth, LG, Samsung, and Digicom. We have a wide range of air conditioners in different sizes. Therefore, You can choose the ideal option for you based on your requirements, such as room size, air conditioning capacity, and more. NeoStore makes purchasing air conditioners in Nepal simple and convenient.

Buy AC in Nepal

Buy Air Condition in Nepal: Our online shopping firm, NeoStore, offers the best-in-class air conditioning experience with a large range and highest quality of air conditioners (ACs) across Nepal. You may get high-quality air conditioners with installation service at a reasonable price and with fast delivery. Our air conditioners update the stylistic layout of your property superbly, with stunning features, remarkable cooling performance, and outstanding energy-saving technology. They have a one-year warranty on air conditioners, ensuring the high level of service we provide.Especially, Skyworth, LG, Samsung, and Digicom are among the brands available at NeoStore, and they will surprise you and repay your investment with their outstanding performance.

Type Of Air Conditioner

You can get various air conditioners with advanced features at a suitable price. Skyworth, LG, Samsung, and Digicom are among the brands available at NeoStore, and they will Benefit you and repay your investment with their outstanding performance.


It is portable and can take from one room to another. We may connect it into a standard outlet.


Can effectively chill single rooms. They connect smaller devices to power outlets already in place. It is a unit. Also, Installation is easy, therefore there is a lower upfront cost.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide

With summers becoming hotter, an air conditioner is an essential element of every household. Before deciding on which one to buy, think about your requirements and conduct research.

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Look into the energy efficiency of the air conditioner you’re thinking about buying. All air conditioners should have an energy-rating label with a star rating system to show how efficient they are. It’s preferable if you can get as many stars as possible. An energy usage box will also be on the label. The lower the number, the lower the running costs.
  • AIRFLOW: Instead of blowing cool air in one spot, the air conditioner should circulate it throughout the room. The air conditioner now has a variety of airflow settings and swing possibilities.
  • NOISE LEVEL: When purchasing an air conditioner, noise is a critical factor to consider. An air conditioner that makes a lot of noise can disrupt your sleep and the sleep of your neighbors.
  • TIMER: Even if you are not at home, a timer allows you to turn on your air conditioner at specific times. This is a good way to cool down the house an hour before you go home.
  • IONIZERS: Ionizers can produce a stream of negatively charged air that can be inhaled. This produces traces of ozone, which can re-energize the atmosphere and minimize airborne scents.
  • SENSORS: We can find sensors for monitoring room temperature in both the air conditioner and the remote control.

Portable Air Conditioner In Nepal

Residents of Kathmandu and other regions with similar climates should opt for portable air conditioning. Portable air conditioners and coolers, such as Videocon are available to help you beat the heat whenever and wherever you are. Although they are floor-standing portable air conditioners, they have all the features and functions of a window or split air conditioner. Why not get a new portable AC/Cooler online from NeoStore and chill yourself while also getting practically all the features such as auto-restart, energy-saving mode, and a sleek design?

Air Conditioner Price in Nepal 2021

We have a different range of Air Condition in Nepal. Hence, You can choose to accord your necessary.

Product                                            Price [2021]
Digicom Air Conditioner (Inverter +) | 2.0 Ton | DG-2410IV/MD 127000
Digicom Air Conditioner – Floor Standing DG-4820FL/MD 218000
Digicom Standing Air Conditioner | 2 Ton | DG-2420FL/MD 160000
Digicom Air Conditioner (Inverter +) | 1.5 Ton | DG-1810IV/MD 99000
Digicom Air Conditioner (Inverter +) | 1.0 Ton | DG-1210IV/MD 74000

Last updated on 8/16/2021

Cheapest Air Conditioner In Nepal

We have many Air Condition in Nepal available at NeoStore. Among them the cheapest ones available are.

Product                                            Price [2021]
Videocon VC4521 Air Cooler With Trolley 11550
Videocon T35- Tower Cooler 13500

Last updated on 8/16/2021