Remax Kwangche Series LED-Lamp | RT-L01


Remax Humidifier | RT-A800


Digicom 5-Universal Surge Protector | DG

Rs.1,237 Rs.1,375

Digicom 5-Port Power Extension | DG-M551

Rs.720 Rs.800

Skyworth | 12Kg Front-Load Washing Machi

Rs.112,705 Rs.119,900

Skyworth | 10Kg Front-Load Washing Machi

Rs.92,495 Rs.98,400

Skyworth | 10Kg Front-Load Washing Machi

Rs.83,285 Rs.88,600

Skyworth | 9Kg Front-Load Washing Machin

Rs.78,865 Rs.83,900

Skyworth | 8Kg Front-Load Washing Machin

Rs.81,310 Rs.86,500

Skyworth 392-liter Chest Freezer | BD-50

Rs.52,640 Rs.56,600
Out Of Stock

Skyworth 337-liter Chest Freezer | BD-40

Rs.47,565 Rs.50,600

Home and kitchen appliances

In general, Home appliances, any of numerous and varied electric, electromechanical, or gas-powered devices introduced mainly in the 20th century to save labor and time in the household in an effective and efficient manner that reduces the complexity and helps in our daily basic needs. In fact, Kitchen appliances in Nepal are electronic devices that reduce human efficiency to perform work and benefit us in lots of ways.

Advantages of Home Appliances

  • Receive alerts to a problem.
  • Since it can be Access easily
  • Also, Save money and conserve energy
  • Additionally, Communication among other smart appliances can be done.
  • In general, it improves the way of changing techniques about life thus, it is more effective. For this reason, we suggest you

Different products available are listed below:

  1. fan
  2. Blender
  3. Mixer
  4. light
  5. Microwave
  6. Rice cooker
  7. Air conditioner

Why to buys home and kitchen appliances at NEO Store?

  1. Since we are User friendly
  2. More effective and efficient
  3. Saves time
  4. Quality product delivered on time
  5. Also, the Branded products with EMI services are provided on some appliances
  6. Therefore, Makes us familiar to use the habit of the digital market inefficient way

For this reason, you can contact us and we can provide services to you accordingly to your necessary.

Guideline to buy Home and kitchen appliances

     Air conditioner

  • Ultimately, Go for better energy efficiency: Higher the rating, lower the electricity bill.
  • Especially, Cooling Capacity: Size matters.
  • Also, Don't go by features and marketing, basics matter more.
  • Finally, consider the noise level, an area where the AC will be fi


  • Mainly, Consider the Size First.
  • Then, Think About Speed and Power
  • Look for Special Attachments
  • Finally, Weigh the Price

    Rice cooker

  • The cooking capacity that matches your household's needs.
  • Non-stick inner pots
  • Especially, Light indicators
  • Keep warm/delay features for flexibility
  • Digital controls and fuzzy logic
  • Reheat cycle to rewarm rice
  • Quick cook function to slash the time
  • Also, Texture settings for firmer or softer rice


  • Spray
  • Especially, Soleplate
  • Cord
  • Weight
  • Mainly, Automatic Shut-off
  • Also, the Size of the soleplate

Latest  home appliances Price in Nepal 2021

In general, we have home and kitchen appliances prices in Nepal starting from Rs.1250to Rs.634,585.Also, Home appliances are available in different colors and sizes. In addition, All the above brands are products like Samsung, Philip, Digi-com. For best discounts on appliances prices in Nepal and that have high reliability, you can contact us. NEO store is the prominent name that sells each and every kitchen and home appliance in Nepal with care and has the quality of services. Hence, Kitchen appliances in Nepal offer a feasible price in Nepal with high quality. Especially, Our products available are listed below with prices  and their main features:

Home appliances

1.Light available online in Nepal

In fact, For indoor lighting, you will find many exquisite and distinguished fixtures that are capable of bringing your interior to life. Also, They can be in the form of ceiling lights, wall mount fixtures, or lamps and stands. Finally, there is the use of electricity to function along you can also use require rechargeable batteries thus we recommend you.

Product Price
LED Ring Light      Rs 3100
Indoor Ambient Lighting Smart Light Panel       Rs 29900

2.Fan buying in Nepal

In other words, We have fans available which you can buy from here.

Baltra Dhoom Stand Fan

Price: Rs 3425 Features:

  • Particularly, Poly Coated Safety Grill
  • 60 Minutes Timer Function
  • Especially,3 Speed Control Panel
  • Fully 90 Degree Oscillation

3.vacuum cleaner available in Nepal

First, Vacuum Cleaner Saves Time and Energy and is easy to use. Therefore, It also removes allergen from breathing air and Removes pet hair and it has a Vacuum that comes with advanced features. Consequently, it helps to remove dirt and has advanced settings as well as Clean your home even when you are away

Product Price
Samsung vacuum cleaner with dust container (VCC4540S36/SML)      Rs 11490
Baltra Cruze 1600w Vacuum Cleaner       Rs 7790
Baltra Torque 1400W Vacuum Cleaner BVC 210      Rs 6999
Samsung canister with cyclone force and anti-tangle turbine 1800w 2L vacuum cleaner (VC18M31A0HP)       Rs 15490
Nikai Vacuum Cleaner 1400 W     Rs 8200


Buying refrigerator in Nepal

Firstly, Are you tired of your food wastage? Then, you are at the right place where you can get the best quality fridge with unique features such as Door Locks and Alarms, Drawers, LED Displays as well as Hidden Icemaker.

Product Price
192L Haier Direct Cool Refrigerator (HRD-1923PKL-E)   Rs 34110
Videocon VC061PISH Single Door Refrigerator   Rs 12800
220L Haier Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator ( HRD-2204PMG-F)   Rs 50900
Haier Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator ( HRD-2204BS-F )    Rs 42900
Haier Refrigerator 195 Ltr HRD-1955PMM-E     Rs 45900
Haier Direct Cool Refrigerator ( HRD-1955PMG-F )    Rs 48900
Samsung Double Door Refrigerator RT28K3052S8   Rs 60990

Rice cooker price in Nepal

Particularly, We have various ranges of rice cookers with some unique and advanced features and it helps us in any way such as

  • Especially, It cooks the rice for you automatically
  • It keeps your rice warm
  • Also, It is easy to clean
  • The bottom rice can burn if you're not careful
  • Furthermore, It uses non-stick technology

Our rice cooker products are listed below:

Product Price
Philips Fuzzy Rice Cooker HD4533/63      Rs 15926
Philips Rice cooker HD3132/68       Rs 9698
Philips Rice Cooker HD3060/62      Rs 13822
Philips All-In-One Cooker HD2137/62    Rs 26416
Philips ME Computerized electric pressure cooker HD2139/65    Rs 21417
Colors Rice Cooker RCJ 1800     Rs 2400
Baltra Dream Deluxe Rice Cooker | 2.8 Ltr Capacity     Rs 3650

Washing machine buying online

Especially, A washing machine is a huge time saver over hand washing. You do not have to sit and monitor the washing process. Also, You can load your clothes into the machine, start the cycle, and walk away. Finally, You can carry out another task and then return to your machine to hang clothes to dry or put them in the dryer. For this reason, you can buy it.

Product Price
7.8Kg Haier Top Load Automatic Washing Machines (HWM78-789TNZP)      Rs 43110
Haier Washing Machine; Fully Automatic Front Load-6kg (HW60-10829NZP)      Rs 56600
Syinix S4712 Washing Machine    Rs 45500
Haier 6.2Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM62-FE)    Rs 35900
6.2Kg Haier Top-Load Washing-Machine (HWM62-707E)    Rs 35010

Toaster prices in Nepal

In general, The toaster will be beneficial in your day-to-day life activities where you can use it for Grilled Cheese sandwiches, Fried egg, and cheese sandwiches as well as Re-heat pizza, Re-crisp fries as well as Cook an egg

Product Price
Baltra Crispy + 4 Toaster      Rs 2065
Baltra Crispy + 2 Toaster       Rs 1540
Nikai Toaster NBT540    Rs 2860
Nikai Two Slice Toaster NBT 555    Rs 2690

Coffee maker in Nepal

Particularly, This is made of technology that fully preserves the delicious and energetic characteristics of natural coffee, and at the same time. Also, you can drink a coffee in minutes. Product name: Baltra Austin Coffee Maker Price Rs 2320 Features:

  • Especially,600ml Capacity, Crystal glass jar for coffee output
  • Also, Unbreakable body, Easy to clean and operate,24 Months Warranty
  • Finally,100% Safe, Measuring marks on water tanks and coffee

Microwave oven price available in Nepal

In addition, The microwave oven uses less energy than a cookstove if it cooks or reheats small amounts of food. Also, the microwave oven uses much less space in the kitchen and is perfect for those with limited living space and it has features such as:

  • Likewise, Takes less time to heat food
  • Also, Easy to clean
  • At the same time, Less Energy Consumption- Automatic on/off
  • Especially, Safe for children
Product Price
Baltra Decore 25 LTR Microwave     Rs 21800
Baltra Gala Cuisine 20 LTR Microwave OvenBaltra Gala Cuisine 20 LTR Microwave Oven       Rs 12000
Baltra Solo Carnival 20 Ltr Microwave    Rs 10295
Baltra OTG Foster 21 Ltr Oven     Rs 8535
Baltra OTG Foster 19Ltr Oven      Rs 8080