Remax Neckband Sport-Wireless earphone |

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Digicom Bluetooth Stereo Earphone X9

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DIGICOM Bluetooth Neck Band In-Ear Headp

Rs.1,575 Rs.1,750

JBL Gaming Headset Quantum 50

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Lenovo Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Earph


Lenovo Wired Earphone QF310

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Lenovo Wired Earphone QF300


Lenovo Gaming Headset H105

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BASEUS H08 Virtual 3D Surround Gaming Ea

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BASEUS Gamo C18 Gaming Earphone

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Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphone W07


Xiaomi MI Piston Air Headphone


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Immerse yourself in a sea of music and wear some of the coolest headphones. You don't have to search for headphones from one electronics store to another. Just browse NeoStore. Here you can see our great selection of headphones online. Here you will find branded headphones with a wide variety of options for wired and wireless devices. You'll find them useful when using multimedia on a college project, answering a call from a client at work, or enjoying your favorite YouTube video on the weekend while enjoying unmatched audio quality.  NeoStore, Nepal's emerging online electronic marketplace, features a slew of sellers selling top Bluetooth as well as wired earphones from renowned brands at affordable costs. You may buy a wonderful pair of earphones and have them delivered to your home according to your needs, style, and price. You're in for a lovely online shopping experience with convenient payment options and good customer service. On the other hand, if you are exploring the earphone of different price ranges, specifications, features, sound quality, in-built microphones, and more, NeoStore has a place for all of these aspects. Likewise, we can confidently claim to provide options that can exactly match your expectations. So, if you are looking for a reliable place to explore earphones in Nepal, NeoStore can win your heart.

Bluetooth & Wireless Earphones for all kinds of budget

One of the most important accessories today is an earphone. It not only helps you hear the sound without disturbing others, but it also allows you to handle calls easily, especially when your hands are busy. One of the factors that set this headphone apart from normal wired headphones is its wireless design, making it very convenient for anyone to take it anywhere. Search for the best quality gaming headsets at an affordable price and discover a great collection of headsets on NeoStore. You can also choose between different colors and brands by comparing their characteristics and making sure to choose one with the best stereo quality at a reasonable price.

All Kind Of Earphone In One Place

NeoStore in Nepal is surely the place to visit if you are seeking the Best Earphone in Nepal, Gaming earphones in Nepal, Bluetooth earphones in Nepal, or Wireless earphones in Nepal. Likewise, the earphones for different budgets, features, and designs are offered here. Also, if you are brand conscious, you can explore the earphone of Fantech, Digicom, Rapoo, Sennheiser, Baseus, Xiaomi, JBL, and Creative at NeoStore.

Earphone Price In Nepal

The price of earphones in Nepal may vary depending on the brand, feature, design, and so on. The price range suggests the huge diversity among the earphones available in the Nepali Market. To generalize, you may find the price between Rs. 590 — Rs. 20,890. So, get all of your favorite accessories, including earphones, headsets, and more, from Nepal's top online shopping destination. Check out the table below to explore the pricing details of the most sold earphone in Nepal from NeoStore.

Earphone Price [2021]
JBL TUNE 110 – In-Ear Headphones Rs. 1,600
DIGICOM Bluetooth Neck Band In-Ear Headphone Flex 3 Rs. 1,750
Lenovo Wired Earphone QF300 Rs. 699
Fantech Scar EG2 InEar Gaming Headset Rs. 2,500
Rapoo VM120 In-Ear Gaming Headphone Rs. 1,340
Digicom Bluetooth Stereo Earphone X9 Rs. 1,500
Lenovo Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Rs. 1,499
Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphone W07 Rs. 4,650
Xiaomi MI Piston Air Headphone Rs. 1,700
Sennheiser CX 150BT Bluetooth Earphone Rs. 8,090
Creative MA-200 In-Ear Headphones Rs. 1,080
JBL Gaming Headset Quantum 50 Rs. 4,500
Lenovo Wired Earphone QF310 Rs. 599
Lenovo Gaming Headset H105 Rs. 1,499
BASEUS H08 Virtual 3D Surround Gaming Rs. 5,500
BASEUS Gamo C18 Gaming Earphone Rs. 2,755
Fantech EG1 InEar Gaming Headset Rs. 2,000
JBL Endurance RUN – Sweatproof In-Ear Rs. 4,000
Sennheiser CX Sport In-Ear Wireless Earphone Rs. 15,190
Sennheiser M2 IEBT SW In-Ear Wireless Rs. 20,890
Sennheiser M2 IEG Momentum In-Ear G Black Chrome Headphone Rs. 9,490
JBL Endurance SPRINT Rs. 6,500

Last updated on 7-19-2021