Peoplelink 4K AF Camera Soundbar


PeopleLink DSP CM PRO | Digital Signal P


PeopleLink DSP CM


PeopleLink Quadro Touch


PeopleLink Sound Bar Plus


PeopleLink Quadro P with Extension Micro


PeopleLink Quadro P


PeopleLink Quadro


PeopleLink Voice Collaboration PVC 50 WS


PeopleLink Universal Voice Collaboration


PeopleLink UVC 25 Conference Speaker Pho


Conference Speakerphones

A successful distance meeting necessitates conference speakerphones with excellent audio quality that always function properly. In addition, if the goal of such meetings is to eliminate business travel, phones in the conference room or in your office must be available at all times. Additionally, these Conference Speakerphones also come with 360-degree microphones. Thus, allowing everyone to participate in the conversation. It's not surprising that there is so many conference speakerphone available because they're such a popular business tool. Likewise, some are created by firms known for their headsets, such as Logitech and Sennheiser, while others, like as PeopleLink, are specialized conferencing brands. Besides, consider the devices you'll be using with your portable conference speaker while making your selection. Bluetooth, for example, allows you to connect your speaker to your smartphone or laptop. On the other hand, certain PCs require a USB converter. Also, Models with a physical USB cord are even easier to set up because they are typically plug-and-play, but make sure you select the correct type of connection for your device. Please don't hesitate to contact us personally if you'd need more information about any of the models on our list, or if you'd like a personalized recommendation!

Buy Conference Speakerphones In Nepal

If you're looking for a place to get Conference Speakerphones in Nepal, NeoStore is the place to explore. Furthermore, you can also look through the Neo Online store for all video conferencing products. Despite the fact that there are other brands that make video conferencing solutions, NeoStore carries the bulk of PeopleLink products. Out of many video conferencing products, Speakphones comes under the mandatory section. Moreover, speakerphones along with the display, Conference Cameras are the gadgets that are mandatory if you have a plan for a video conference. Besides, if you are planning to buy Conference Speakerphones or Conference Cameras, NeoStore is the place to stroll around. The video conference product listed here can be bought at a reasonable price. However, the pricing of the products is completely dependent on different factors like brand, specification, features, and so on. Although the price can be diverse, make sure to choose the one that perfectly matches your requirement.

Price Of Conference Speakerphones In Nepal

Usually, video conferencing products are expensive as they are useful for bigger organizations or corporate offices. Additionally, as of NeoStore listings, the price of the conference speakerphone stands between Rs. 35,000 — Rs. 287,500. Check out the table below to get a detailed pricing insight of Conference Speakerphone in Nepal:

Conference Speakerphones Price [2021]
Peoplelink 4K AF Camera Soundbar Rs. 210,000
PeopleLink DSP CM PRO | Digital Signal Processor Rs. 287,500
PeopleLink DSP CM Rs. 200,000
PeopleLink Quadro Touch Rs. 169,000
PeopleLink Sound Bar Plus Rs. 35,000
PeopleLink Quadro P with Extension Rs. 99,000
PeopleLink Quadro P Rs. 85,000
PeopleLink Quadro Rs. 80,000
PeopleLink Voice Collaboration PVC 50 WS Rs. 70,000
PeopleLink Universal Voice Collaboration UVC Rs. 45,000
PeopleLink UVC 25 Conference Speaker Rs. 45,000

Last updated on 7/27/2021