Logitech Pro HD Stream Webcam C922




Digicom Car Dash Camera | DF-PD1021S

Rs.9,900 Rs.11,000

Digicom Biometric Time Attendance DG- L3

Rs.8,550 Rs.9,500

Digicom Face-Recognition Biometric Devic

Rs.17,100 Rs.19,000

Moza Slypod-E Slider | Gimbal


Moza Aircross-2 Gimbal


Moza Mini-MX Gimbal


Moza Nano-SE Gimbal


Peoplelink Interactive Display T65


Peoplelink 4K AF Camera Soundbar


PeopleLink I10 Telepresence Camerape


Best Camera in Nepal

A camera is an instrument that captures images in real-time. These images can be used in the future for memory. Also, Cameras have various mechanisms to control how the light falls onto the light-sensitive surface in an effective way. Especially, Cameras have the ability to see everything around. Therefore, they can see down into the depths of the ocean, and also up, millions of miles into space. Furthermore, they capture moments of time and freeze them for later memory. Finally, you can buy a Camera at a different price, depending upon the technology used. And, if you are looking to buy a Camera in Nepal, NeoStore can be the perfect place to explore. We have different types of cameras which are used for different purposes such as drones, home security cameras, PTZ cameras, and more. In addition to this, you can also buy different accessories for cameras in NeoStore.

 Advantages of camera

  • Especially, Rechargeable battery packs are economical
  • Also, Editing and processing are easy
  • Enable Remote Monitoring in a standard way
  • Reduce Costs and  Scale More Easily
  • Finally, Save Time with Distributed Intelligence system

Why to buys a Camera and drones at NEO Store?

  1. Mainly, it is User friendly
  2. More effective and efficient
  3. Saves time and saves money
  4. Quality product delivered on time
  5. Branded product

Camera at Best price in Nepal

We have the best brand of camera in our product list where you can choose the different types of the camera according to your choice in a specific and reliable manner. Also, we provide you the best and smart camera in a dynamic manner and we have a various range of cameras that you can choose according to your necessity.

Camera Price
Rapoo C200 Web Camera Rs 3320
Rapoo C260 Web Camera Rs 4490
Avermedia Live Streamer CAM PW310 Rs 8000
DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo Rs 69000
Logitech C270 HD Webcam Rs 3690
DJI Mavic Air Intelligent Flight Battery Rs 12990
FANTECH C30 Luminous Rs 6000

Last updated on 8-8-2021

Shop for the latest camera at Neo Store

Are you planning to shop for the best camera in Nepal? Neo-store is one of the unique online marketplaces for buying a new camera at reasonable prices. With our user-friendly website, it will be easier to choose and buy the latest camera you are looking for. Therefore, you can check out cameras from the list and compare them with other ones. Particularly, we are sure that you will find something that suits your needs.

Camera Price
Peoplelink I5 Plus Webcam Rs 8500
Peoplelink I3 Plus Webcam Rs 6500
Digicom Mini Cube Intelligent Camera DG-PB1221S Rs 8000
Hikvision 5MP PIR Fixed Bullet Camera (DS-2CE12H0T-PIRL) Rs 4257
Hikvision 4MP Varifocal Bullet Network Camera (DS-2CD1643G0-I(Z)) Rs 20534
DJI Mavic 2 Pro Flight Intelligent Batteries Rs 20290

Last updated on 8-8-2021

Buying Camera for all kinds of budget

You can get the camera at a reasonable price with different features. Also, we have a different camera of different budgets that you can afford in a specific way. Therefore, we have compiled our list of all kinds of budget cameras in Nepal of different brands. Moreover, our list offers the best options for buyers who want a camera that is available on a budget. Also, we have a provision of filtering that displays the pricing ranges from the most expensive to the cheapest.

Buying Drones and gimbals in Nepal

Especially, Drones are used for search and rescue, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring, and firefighting. Practically, all the latest drones have cameras integrated into the flight control system and can easily be controlled by the remote control ground station.

Drone Price
DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo Rs 69000
Moza Slypod-E Slider | Gimbal Rs 46500
Moza Aircross-2 Gimbal Rs 66500
DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo Rs 145000
DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Rs 233900
DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Combo Rs 18900
DJI Tello Drone Rs 15590

Last updated on 8-8-2021

Buying Home Security camera in Nepal

Mainly, home security cameras allow homeowners to view their homes at any given time from virtually any location. Therefore, if a burglary does occur, your professionally installed security cameras will have recordings of the incident in high-definition. Therefore, Police can use these videos and images to capture the culprit, prevent future crimes, and return your items in a specific way.

Home Security Camera Price [2021]
2MP Dome Camera | DS-2CE56D0T-IRPF Rs 2551
Hikvision MP WIFI PAN-TILT HD IP Camera CS-CV246-B0-1C1WFR Rs 4538
Digicom Mini Cube Intelligent Camera DG-PB1221S Rs 8000
Hikvision Handheld Thermography Camera DS -2TP31-3AUF Rs 102040
Hikvision 6MP Outdoor WDR Fixed Bullet Network Camera (DS-2CD2T63G0-I5) Rs 16026
2MP Bullet PIR Camera 20m | DS-2CE12DOT-PIRL Rs 4007
2 MP ColorVu Fixed Turret Camera | DS-2CE72DFT-FC28 Rs 6260

Last updated on 8-8-2021