Anker PowerWave+ Wireless Charging Stand


Anker Powerport Nano Adapter


Anker Powerline Lightning Cable


X-Age 2A Lightning Cable | XDC01

Rs.110 Rs.120

REMAX | Elves Series sucked-type wireles


Remax | 4-Port Wanfu USB Adaptor | RP-U4


Remax | Car Charger | RCC-226


Remax | Alien pro car charger| RCC-214


REMAX | Flag Series 2.1 | RC-169


REMAX | Jany Series 3.1A | RC-124th


REMAX | Suji Pro data cable | RC-138m


REMAX | Lesu Pro data cable | RC-160m


REMAX | lightning cable | RC 134i


Belkin MIXIT™ 2.0 USB-A to USB-C Charg

Rs.1,250 Rs.1,390

Belkin 3.1 USB-A to USB-C Cable (USB-C C

Rs.1,970 Rs.2,190

Belkin 3.1 USB-C™ to Micro-B Cable (US

Rs.3,050 Rs.3,390

Belkin 2.0 USB-C™ to Mini-B Charge Cab

Rs.1,520 Rs.1,960

Belkin HDMI-HDMI-MINI-M/M-1M-High Speed

Rs.1,020 Rs.1,130

Belkin HDMI-HDMI-MICRO-M/M-3M-High Speed

Rs.1,425 Rs.1,581

Belkin Audio-3.5mm-2xRCA-M/M-2M-Portable

Rs.705 Rs.783

Belkin Audio-3.5-M/M-5M-Portable (Black

Rs.950 Rs.1,054

Cables & Adapters In Nepal- NeoStore

If you are into gadgets such as Laptops, Mobile phones, Television, Monitors, and Tablets, Cables and Adapters can be your life savior. In particular, the gadgets these days can accommodate all the ports. Also, to make your device compatible with other devices, Cables and Adapters can easily solve your problem. Are you wondering how to convert your VGA to HDMI? Thinking to get a lightning-fast charging USB for iPhone or Android smartphones. Dreaming about connecting multiple multimedia devices (Mouse, Keyboard, Pendrive) to your laptop or desktop? Also, if you want to convert Display Port to VGA, Display Port to HDMI, HDMI to HDMI, NeoStore in Nepal can be the perfect place to explore.  Similarly, if you are looking for a USB to Ethernet converter, the Store has an option for you.

Buy USB Cables Online In Nepal

USB cables these days are kind of the daily use products. Every one of us has a smartphone in our hand. Likewise, mobile phones will be useless if you don't charge the battery. Also, the ongoing demand among the people is to charge their portable devices at a lightning-fast speed. With the advancement of technology, the dream of recharging these portable devices in a short time is possible. The companies like Remax, Ugreen, Qihang, and more have transferred the conventional way of charging into the modern ones. To be specific, the products manufactured by these companies can reduce your charging time by 50%.

USB cable price in Nepal- NeoStore

The price of USB cables in Nepal is diverse. In particular, the technology used plays a major role in determining the price tag. Furthermore, the price also differs according to manufacturers. Check out the table below the most recommended USB cable from NeoStore with the pricing details
USB Cable Price
REMAX | Magnetic-storing data cable | RC-125a Rs. 900
REMAX | Magnetic-storing Lightning data | RC-125i Rs. 900
REMAX | Flag Series 2.1 | RC-169 Rs. 650
REMAX | Jany Series 3.1A | RC-124th Rs. 500
REMAX | Suji Pro type-c data cable | RC-138a Rs. 250
REMAX | Suji Pro Lightning data cable | RC-138i Rs. 250
REMAX | Lesu Pro Type-C data cable | RC-160a Rs. 230
REMAX | Lesu Pro Lightning data cable | RC-160i Rs. 230
REMAX | Suji Pro data cable | RC-138m Rs. 190
REMAX | Lesu Pro data cable | RC-160m Rs. 190
REMAX | lightning cable | RC 134iv Rs. 150
REMAX | type-C cable | RC-134a Rs. 150
Qihang USB-C To Data Charging Cable QH-C41 Rs. 600

Last updated on 7-16-2021

Multi-Function Adapter Price In Nepal

Check out the pricing details of the Multi-Function adapter available at NeoStore: 
  1. Rapoo XD200C USB-C Multi-Function Adapter- Rs. 10,790
  2. Rapoo XD120 USB-C Multi-Function Adapter- Rs. 6,290
  3. Rapoo XD10V USB-C Multi-Function Adapter- Rs. 4,040

Note: The above price was last updated on 7/16/2021

The multi-function adapter mentioned above is among the best in the Nepali market. Also, if you buy these products from NeoStore, we can guarantee you to provide you the genuine products with the company warranty.

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NeoStore, the only electronic e-Commerce is the platform that is the best place to explore Cables and Adapters in Nepal. If you are hitting up the keyphrases like Buy Type-C cable in NepalBuy USB cable online in Kathmandu, Data Cable in Nepal, Data Cable price in Nepal, Top Data cable in Nepal, Type-C data cable for iPhone in Nepal in Internet, NeoStore is the perfect answer to these queries. Also, if you are searching for Best Data Cables at Low Price In Nepal, 3 In 1 Connector for mobiles in Nepal, or laptops To Screen Connectors At Low Price, NeoStore is your answer. To conclude, the NeoStore in Nepal is the perfect place to explore the variety of Data Cables and Adapters. The diversity of these products is in terms of price, feature, and brands.