Walk-in Services. Fixing Your Devices Was Never Easy Before


Neo has exclusively brought the most awaited Walk-in Services for repairing your gadgets in Nepal. Enjoy hassle-free service to save both your time and money. You can walk in without any appointments and let us know your problem. We will be at your service, picking your device from your location, repairing it, and delivering it back to your location. 

What Are Our Services?

Laptop/PC Repair

Do you want to fix your laptop or computer right away but don't want to get scammed? If this is a problem for you, we will take care of it. We will do everything possible to resolve your issue as quickly as possible while maintaining complete transparency.


Upgrade hardware/Software

Are you considering upgrading your gadgets' hardware or software? Our walk-in service can assist you in determining which upgrade you require. Our store also sells the devices you'll need for the process at the most competitive prices.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of gaining access to and retrieving data from digital media that is inaccessible by conventional means. This service is required in a variety of circumstances, including user error and deletion, as well as mechanical and physical damage to your storage device. If you are going through this problem, stop worrying and contact us immediately.


Our Walk-In services not only deal with preparing and upgrading but also provides you a complete consultation to solve your problem. The problem may be in choosing the right device or solving a tech problem or even suggestions you require to get the most out of the product you purchase. We are more than happy to assist you with whatever problem you are going through regarding gadgets or technology.


We have 2 service centers as of now. Here are the Service Center locations:

1. Neo Complex, Jhamsikhel

2. Maitighar, Kathmandu


You can book a pick up too. Please fill the following form so we can repair/upgrade your product.

You can book a pick up from here.