Pick-Up and Delivery

Pick-up and Delivery Service is a priority for us as part of our Walk-In service. Our Walk-In service's major goal is to make client service as simple as possible. We will pick up your gadget from your location, service it, and return it to you.

Inside Valley

If you're in the valley and wish to use our Walk-In Service, we'll collect your device from our dedicated Pick-Up and Delivery team. Your gadget will be picked up within 24 hours and delivered to you as soon as we resolve your issue.

Outside Valley

If you want to access our Walk-In Service from outside the valley, you can courrier your device to our address. As soon as we receive your product, we will immediately notify you and start solving your problem. When compared to our inner valley Pick-Up and Delivery Service, the time we take to deliver your device back to your location may be slightly different ( 2-3 working days ).


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