1. Is it important to have an Account to shop in Neo Store?

If you want to earn reward points, don’t forget to register with us before making your purchase. However, you can still buy from our store as a guest user even if you have not registered.

2. How Long Will It Take to Get My Order Delivered?

The main goal of our Store is to deliver your product within 24 hrs. The time taken is directly dependent on the region where you are ordering from.

3. What is the cost of shipping?

The fees imposed by our logistic partners to deliver your ordered item to your location are known as shipping charges. The cost of shipping is determined by your location and the weight of the product(s). Prior to the Checkout Process, the applicable shipping price for your Order will be shown under the Order Summary.

4. What is NeoStore's Return Policy?

We are happy to return the product if it’s not according to the specification we provided during your purchase. On the other hand, we don’t return product(s) once you open the box pack.

5. Are the prices negotiable?

The prices of the products cannot be negotiated. All our products have been listed at the best price. But we do reward you Rs. 50 if you are ordering for the 1st time from NeoStore*.

6. Do I have to pay any hidden charges after confirming your purchase?

When you order from NeoStore, there are no hidden fees or charges. At the end of the checkout page, all expenses are completely visible.